The State BBC Poisons The Debate In Scotland

Everyone knows that BBC Scotland is biased. It is a fully functioning arm of the British State and it’s sole purpose is to distort the discussion of Scotland’s future.  Everyone whether they are Unionist or Nationalist must agree that we need to be able to discuss the facts and counterbalance the lies.

Last nights leaders debate was a sham. It was utterly disgusting that the BBC allowed the debate to focus on devolved issues, which is not why we are going to the polls on the 8th June.  To focus the debate around the Scottish Government and devolved issues where the SNP are in power did a huge disservice to the people of Scotland.  Because what we should have been discussing was, who is the best party to go to Westminster and fight to get the Scottish Government the funding we need to keep these people happy.  Who is going to call out the Tory austerity that is reducing Scotland’s finances and directly resulting in Nurses and teachers having limited wage growth.  But, it’s not just the public sector that is feeling the pinch.  I work in the private sector and many have had NO increases since 2008!

During the debate audience members were allowed to hurl comments with no comeback. There was the gentleman who was allowed to ask about the mythical £15 billion deficit when that is clearly a) based on spending on Scotland’s behalf inside the UK & b) a debate for the next independence referendum! Then there was the absolute whopper. The “Foodbank” nurse.  Yes, we had a nurse that came to Scotland to work in our NHS. Our NHS that is performing better than the NHS where she came from. The NHS that has not had thousands of junior Doctors go on strike and an A&E performing at best about 74%. Even so, this nurse decided to step into the bear pit created by the BBC and have a go at Nicola Sturgeon and take the focus off the British Governments representative in Scotland. I doubt that the nurse has seen the inside of a foodbank and so far quite a number of Independence supporters have managed to find out that she has quite a luxurious lifestyle, fond of champagne and trips to New York.  To be honest that’s great, its good to see people get on. If you work hard, you deserve it.  However don’t go stepping into the bear pit, lie and expect not to be called out. Don’t come to Scotland and complain when the conditions you have here are better than the ones you moved away from.

Ruth Davidson should have felt the full blow from everyone as it is Tory austerity that is hurting everyone’s pocket and services. Tory austerity is the disease that has spread to every level of society and public service but the BBC blatantly allowed the focus to be on devolved issues.  Last night the parties should have been discussing who is best placed to go to Westminster and protect our Fishing rights as the Tories give them away. Who is going to fight over the freedom to grow and develop our renewables industry which was devolved but was swiftly taken back to Westminster.  We deserved the right to hear which party would go to Westminster and challenge the no detriment clause that will forever ensure that Scotland can never improve beyond what Westminster allows.

We are facing Scotland being trapped under a right wing Tory government that will force a hard brexit on us, cost us thousands of jobs and that was totally quashed by BBC Scotland to protect the Ruth Davidson. Ruth Davidson should have been on the ropes defending the Rape Clause and the punishment of the disabled and what red lines the Tories have when it comes to protecting Scotland when leaving the EU.

The people of Scotland deserve better, we deserve to be able to discuss our future without the manipulation of the State and its broadcaster. We have a strong argument that the UK is interfering in Scotland’s right to chose its own future, it is spreading lies via the Scottish Office and we can’t even get permission to start a talk radio station where we can openly discuss our future.  It’s fine for LBC but not in Scotland.  We can only have a discussion if its in the hands of the BBC and we all know how balanced that is. It’s time we stood up and rejected the British state’s voice and asked for our rights under the UN to be allowed to debate without control or influence of a State that is actively poisoning our debate.

It’s time that we have a Committee for Scotland who can develop ways for Scotland to discuss our future on mainstream platforms TV, Radio and in town halls without being controlled or channelled through state controlled or state friendly media. Its our right.

2 thoughts on “The State BBC Poisons The Debate In Scotland”

  1. Well said I agree with all you wrote. Its so soul destroying & maddening that BBC & other Unionists media is allowed to spread misinformation. Lets not forget latest from unionist parties using religion & bigots to stoke religious divide here in Scotland.
    I get to the point of crying out for UDI as I see it only way out from under WM rule.
    It can’t go on Scottish ppl continually unjustifiably demonised by media down south, I think of Ireland & what it must have been like for them back in the day & all because WM can’t let go gracefully.
    Last but not least Unionist politicians in Scotland think the above behaviour is acceptable, what does that say about them, this is not a game its peoples lives & futures.


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