The Political Art Of Deflection

Deflection you could say, is when the path of an object is altered to diminish the force or eliminate contact completely.  The political art of deflection is where the recipient person uses a situation to change the focus of the public away from their responsibilities.  What we are seeing from the Theresa May and the UK Government is them lining up to take a horrible, horrible situation. One where innocent children have lost their lives on an evening that should have been the time of their lives and deflecting the publics anger, frustration and fear away from her parties policies and failures.

We should not forget that Theresa May was Home Secretary for six years before she became Prime Minister.  In that time she has seen a reduction of 20,000 police officers in England as the Tories carried on with their austerity max policies.  The Police federation warned of the increased risks such drastic cuts could entail but as with all Tory policies the savings come first.

The thing that concerns me the most is the direction that that May will force the deflection. She will use this during the upcoming election to hammer home the need for even more increased surveillance powers and removal of human rights.  She will want the spooks to collect every bit of data, even when many are advising that the security services are drowning in data. They are intent in making the haystack so big it will become hard enough to find a pitchfork let alone a needle. My fear is that once these powers are in place nobody knows the future direction of a Government.  I support Scottish Independence, I am open and honest about this. I fundamentally seek the sovereign right of Scotland to it’s self determination.  Mrs May has already labelled me and many of my fellow Scots as “Extremists and Saboteurs” which I consider to be pretty nasty.  Do I think that Mrs May would use a super majority in Westminster parliament to implement laws that could prevent the rights of Yes supporters to assemble, protest etc. Yes, I think she would because ultimately Mrs May is not a democrat.  She wants to implement her vision of her precious union and everyone has to live it out.

You may not agree with my views on Self Determination, that’s fine. I’m pretty sure that there may be other things that we do agree on that may just put you in a camp that Mrs May doesn’t fit within in her picture of Britain. You could be against Fracking or Animal cruelty and pretty soon all your data, communications and entire personal life is at the hands of the state to use as evidence against you.

I don’t think that anyone disagrees that change must happen. It’s how to change. Instead of being driven to an authoritarian state by the hard right, we should be looking at changing policies to improve the lives and security of everyone.  Why are we spending over £200 Billion on Trident when that money could be used to have a fully equipped police and Armed forces. The UK Government are focusing on an imaginary threat instead of tackling an actual threat. If it had changed its policy the thin blue line would have been strong enough to know that the Manchester Bomber, who the security services were aware of, had a visit on his return from Libya.

We could also look at our foreign policy and ask why are we arming Saudi Arabia to carryout a war in Yemen, while it is also sending funding and weapons to IS? Why are we blatantly supporting Israel when it is occupying & murdering in Palestine? The situation we are in today is the result of decades of British intervention in the Middle East. Since World War II Britain has carved up lands, created states and intervened making the area unstable. Tony Blair was warned that invading Iraq would increase the threat to the UK, not diminish it. 2nd and 3rd generations of immigrants are conflicted and see a UK Government that is part of a problem that results in the daily deaths of men, women and children in the middle east.  There is not a week that goes by where innocents are the unfortunate casualties of bombs supplied and sometimes dropped by the UK with nothing more than the aim of profit.

Theresa May is standing at this election on a platform about Brexit when in truth it should be about her parties damaging and punitive policies.  A terrible and tragic incident, condemned by all, should not be allowed to be seized for political gain, after a shambolic display of utter incompetence and to deflect from her parties failures and punitive policies. The election should be used as an opportunity to reject a right wing future.  The police and security services will do their job under whoever is the prime minister. The Tories don’t have a monopoly on that, they do however have a monopoly on nasty and divisive policies that put the profits of the few over the rights of the many.

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