Kezia Loves Her Red, White & Blue Toys

“I  blame my Dad” said a young child.  Let’s call her Kezia.  Kezia loves the toys made in the factory where her Dad works.  She loves the colours the big bright shiny enamelled Red, White and Blue ones.  For years she has collected every single one, her brand loyalty and love of the bling has blinded her to the fact that the quality of the toys has been deteriorating.  Seven years ago there was a management takeover at her Dad’s factory by a family called the Tories.  The Tories have a plan to maximise the profits on every toy sold. To do this they intend to do two things which was devised by the new manageress May Tory.

First thing May wants to do is make sure all workers have no fixed hours on the contracts and a low rate of pay.  This way the company doesn’t need to pay workers when there are no orders, a machine breaks down or they run out of supplies.

The second thing May plans is to reduce the quality of the materials that go into the toys.  Trading into the EU was bad because the Union Toy Company had to comply with all sorts of environmental & quality legislation.  May wants to sell the toys to other countries where they don’t care about the quality or the standards as much, just the price and the bling.

So when Dad comes home with his pay packet that can’t feed the family or buy them the nice things Kezia lashes out.  “It’s your fault, it’s You that is forcing Austerity on this family”  Obviously this upsets the Dad as he can’t force his boss to give him more hours or increase his wages. “I want an X-Box, a PlayStation and a Flatscreen TV for my room” shouts Kezia.  At this point SNP Pete tries to explain that with the money he gets he has to pay the rent, feed the family and make sure Grandma is OK.  “It’s not good enough” cries Kezia “You are the problem in this house, it’s you that failing us”.  Finally SNP Pete snaps “Remember, in 2014 I wanted to set up a new factory with my friends? One that was being modelled on the factories in Denmark, Norway and Ireland.  But no.. you and your Mum stopped me.  Well its your fault, you just have to suck it up!”  Kezia stands up and looks at SNP Pete “Well I’m off to the play with the Tories, maybe they will give me a shot of their toys” She slams the door on the way out.

Anyone can look at this objectively and see that Kezia is being unreasonable.  It is not her father’s fault that their household has a limited earning potential while he works at the Union Toy Company.  They make all sorts of deductions from his wages for things that doesn’t benefit him.  He has deductions for a gym in the London factory, yet the Scottish factory doesn’t have a gym!

The Scottish Government can only spend the money that Westminster gives it, out of the money they collects on Scotland’s behalf.  There is no austerity created by the Scottish Government, only mitigated where possible. If Unionists want Scotland to have more money then the only thing that can deliver this is more powers over the economy and a complete removal of the no detriment clause.  How can Scotland ever grow if the first thing that binds it is “No better, No worse!” It’s an absurd piece of legislation designed to keep Westminster skimming the cream off the top.

Scottish Labour need to take a good hard look at themselves, forming coalitions with the Tories in Aberdeen, Ayrshire and North Lanarkshire because the SNP is a supposedly the party of Austerity proves that they have no substance or principles other than the love of shiny Red White and Blue toys.  If Labour continue to play with the Tories then they are effectively condoning them to the Scottish Public and shouldn’t be surprised when they find that the public who only want Red, White and Blue Toys don’t play with Kezia anymore, just the Tories!


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