When The Mask Of Imperialism Slips

Russian Soldiers On A 21st Century Imperial Conquest

The images and stories flooding onto our social media feeds, TV screens and newspaper front pages show the maskless face of imperialism, Russian arrogance and racism. Being an avid consumer of knowledge in Geopolitics I have been aware of the Russian paranoia over perceived threats going back hundreds of years and it’s imperial conquests to expand its borders at the expense of others.

Russian thinking is driven by the obsession of a single powerful leader and the need to ensure that Moscow is protected by huge tracks of land in all directions. The distance between defendable borders and Moscow in the past has pushed Moscow to seek control over nine key geographical locations where geography limits the size of front available for an opposing army to enter.

While this argument may have been plausible in the early 20th Century, logically it doesn’t hold water in the age of satellite reconnaissance. To invade Russia an army of probably upwards of 1 million men, machinery and logistic support would need to be assembled and would be spotted in its infancy, let alone before they trundle over the border. It would be utterly impossible to launch such an attack on the country with the most nukes on the planet. 6 months before such an invasion Ivan the satellite operator would phone Moscow and say “I think the west are starting to build up an invasion force” at which point Putin would take to the TV to warn that as soon as the first vehicle crossed the border the entire force would be turned to ash.

So if the situation in Ukraine isn’t really about the security of Russia, what is it about?

It’s about naked oil and imperialism! Not many are aware that Ukraine discovered huge deposits of oil and gas in the Donbas and in the basin between Crimea and Odessa. When you realise that, you realise that the Russians are petrified that Ukraine can undercut the Russians in their largest market which would virtually impoverish Russia overnight. In a country that is literally floating on fossil resources yet has no education or a health system that facilitates 25% of the population carries an antibiotic strain of TB. Where poverty is rampant, and alcoholism is virtually a national pastime.

A state which spans 11 time zones, has state controlled media that is Moscow centric and a GDP similar to Equatorial Guinea isn’t going to survive. How a country with such massive resources can be in such economic and demographic decline is a testament to the failure of successive corruption leaders, who lazily stripped the people of their wealth and caused mass migration of those who threatened their rule. It’s why tens of thousands of Ukrainians live as Far East as Sakhalin Island. That is in reality a small percentage of those who were luck to survive the process!

You may wonder how a Scotsman can relate to the Ukrainian plight. Well, the roots of Scottish subjugation are buried under the Anglified history that denies oxygen to to the truth about the imperial conquest of Scotland. Scotland was bribed into a union with England against the wishes of the people. For centuries Scotland resisted wave after wave of English conquest. Even now the wars of the late 1200’s and early 1300’s are called the wars of independence, when they were no such thing. Scotland was already an independent nation. These were the very first wars of English imperialism and the barbarism inflicted on the Scots was brutal.

The signing of the Treaty of the Union wasn’t the end of the imperial conquest of Scotland, it was the 2nd phase and you could even go as far as saying we are currently in the 3rd phase. The 2nd phase saw drastic consequences on the people of Scotland where tens of thousands were cleared from their homes, murdered or executed or exiled for petty crimes such as stealing a sheep to feed their starving families that were stripped of their livelihoods.

For all Boris Johnson and other Tories are taking the opportunity to associate themselves with the situation in Ukraine. Don’t be fooled into seeing anything other than a cynical way ploy to distract from their corrupt feasting on decades of Russian money. Their corrupt raiding of billions of pounds from the treasury diverted to friends and business interests or their criminality in partying while denying others the right to hold their dying parents hands.

Also take every word uttered by the charlatan who stands up for Ukraines freedom while denying Scotland its right to seek its independence, even after successive democratic mandates as nothing but hollow opportunism. These are aimed at keeping his grasp on power and feeding his egotistical vision of himself as some Churchillian figure. Ironically Churchill was another racist imperialist who’s career was founded upon concentration camps in South Africa.

I can see many shaking their heads and being furious at the trying to compare the current situation in the Ukraine with Scotlands plight for independence. The things is I’m not. A few hundred years ago their is no argument. Instead I’m rather trying to prove that Ukraines only future is to resist imperial conquest and ensure that it’s people benefit from being free from either an autocratic regime or indeed a corrupt capitalist one.

Scotland is a lesson on the consequences of being conquered by an imperialist country. We are in the 3rd phase which is full on imperial control. One where control is hidden from view but scratch the surface and it’s there. From the control of corporation tax to the domination of the media. One where Londons narrative is gaslighted across our nation and only self scorning presenters are given airtime. Our politics is dominated by three parties funded directly from London and featuring the Scottish Tories who have been flooded by dark money, much of which came from Russia! Finally let’s not forget state security services and the 77th Brigade of the UK army funded in part by Scotlands taxes who are used to monitor or proliferate social media to ensure imperialism continues.

The Ukraine situation and Brexit have highlighted the vulnerability of England when it comes to energy. Having feasted for more than four decades on the vast profits of Scotlands North Sea oil, hiding statistics under unknown categories. It is now gorging itself on electricity from Scotlands vast supplies of renewable energy which are levied with the highest transmission charges in Europe. Yes. We are paying more to keep their lights on.

Imperialism is a scourge of humanity. The thought that somehow a more powerful nation can hold dominion over a smaller nation, one that they see as inferior and any rejection or seeking of independence is met with anger or derision. Where often the narrative is that the smaller nation is incapable of success without the power of the dominator.

As independence plays out don’t think that the imperial attitudes of the UK government are going to play fair. They won’t. We are talking about a government that less than 40 years ago we’re interring people in Northern Ireland, carrying out assassination via their own army or in cahoots with loyalist paramilitaries. In their description to avoid having to pay for and not control their own energy security there would be a naivety in our thinking to believe that the empire will let us go easily. While we may not face the utter destruction that faces Ukraine, we may once again see the ugly side of English imperialism.

Right now we can only prepare ourselves for the opportunity to peacefully regain our independence and support Ukraine in its fight for survival against an imperialism (its already independent) that has no place in the modern world. I pray that they get through this and reap the benefits they deserve as a thriving European nation and give cause to the world nations to end the scourge of imperialism!


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