Only Back To The Future Can Kill Off Groundhog Day


Every day without fail I see it on social media. Some dumb arsed unionist will ask “So what will be the policy for X” or “Who will do Y?”

All chuffed with themselves, because they think they single-handedly have came up with the question that skewered the independence question. The reality is that all they are proving is that Scottish education in the past was woeful. Seriously it was an education system which failed the give people the tools to comprehend that their country is being scammed. An education so inept that they think is smart to ask for detailed policies and timelines for things that, only Doc Brown could answer. After completing a perilous journey in a car, designed by someone whose cocaine consumption could only be outdone by any member of the Tory cabinet.

The creation of a state whilst in the process of leaving another is a process of transition. At certain stage’s Scottish institutions will be created and then over a period of time the responsibilities will be ported over. Exactly how long and at what stage can only be known with the invention of time travel!

For the hard of thinking, the simple explanation is this. After an independence vote there will be a period pre independence where negotiations take place between UK and Scottish governments. Departments will be setup in readiness to implement the policies set out by the first government of Scotland.

Now here’s the rub. When the elections for the first government of Scotland take place. All the parties that are currently unionist will stand on policies which will be there vision for iScotland. Or what if the first government is a government of national unity?

To demand answers to questions which are dictated by conditions, government policies or triggers is nothing more than a cynical attempt to disrupt the discussion around independence!

Independence is about what Scotland could do and there are over 190 countries that we could adopt policies from, be they economic, fiscal, or societal. Independence is about giving the people of Scotland the power to elect the party or parties that offer the best policies.

If anyone thinks that independence isn’t viable because policy questions can’t be answered by anyone other than a time travelling eccentric genius, then they really don’t understand the concept of independence! It is the ability to create and implement policies determined by the wishes of the majority, in reaction to the circumstances the nation finds itself in.

Whatever political shade of government of Scotland and the challenges the nation faces. Having the decisions made in, by and for Scotland is an absolute no brainier. Its a question that you don’t need to time travelling mad scientist to answer correctly!

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