We Can’t Wait For The Final Blow

Last night everyone who supports Scottish Independence must have had a chill in their spine that a victim feels at the hands of a psychopathic killer. We knew what was coming, we know that the nutter wants to take everything we hold dear from us for his own deranged quest for power! That was the 2nd reading. We are at the point where we are bound and gagged while the maniac circles around us screaming hate filled abuse at us.

We still have a 3rd reading and the HOL to endure. We are in for a bumpy ride, but be aware of what’s happening here. The furore over the breaking of international law is a smokescreen. U-turn Boris is using this at the moment to keep everyone distracted from what is the key aim of this bill. The total consolidation of power over everything that is devolved.

When this bill passes the Lords will reject the bill for breaking of International Law and at this point a compromise between the Tory Government and the Lords will be reached. The Government will drop the opposed parts that break international law, provided the assault on devolution passes. Miraculously the Lords will see this as the perfect time to rewrite the Act of Union. Scotland doesn’t have friends in the Lords. It has ex Labour and Tories who sold the souls for a purse of gold and a cloak of Ermine. There is nobody that sits in the Lords that represents Scotland’s democracy post 2007! An entire political generation is unrepresented.

We will be at the point where the victim is bound and gagged, bloodied and bruised. When all of a sudden the door is kicked in. Two negotiators in Ermine will start dialogue with the psychopath. They won’t acknowledge us, or our rights. Negotiator Faulks reeking of booze and with his obligatory pish stain on the front of his chino’s will open the dialogue. He will tell the psycho that he understands his contempt for the Scotland which he has at his mercy. But there is a better outcome for him if he backs down. At this point Negotiator McConnell pipes in that Psycho UK hasn’t gone too far yet. Drop the International threats and let us negotiate a new act of union. An agreement can be had and everything can move forward. They will make sure no charges are brought forward. Meanwhile Scotland the victim will be there bound and gagged while our future is negotiated away with no input.

To say it’s frustrating is an understatement. The feeling of having no democratic voice is soul crushing. Yet here we are.

Meanwhile we flashback to where the SNP have acted like the overweight wheezing desk Sargeant that took our regular complaints as we told them the threats being directed at us. We have seen this coming for years. Everytime we get the same platitudes. Until the psycho does something there is nothing they can do. Once Sargeant Blackford did stop by Psycho Boris’ house to tell him that Scotland won’t stand for this! But Boris just laughed at him. Now that he has the crime is so horrific is almost beyond his pay grade!

Everything we hold dear in Scotland is at risk, SNHS, our water which will be the gold of the future! The constitutional arrangement will be rewritten making Independence illegal or numerically impossible. All without us have any input.

There’s only one way out of this. One where we, the victims break free from our bindings. Kicking negotiator Faulks in the baws. Run out the door barricading him in behind us and leaving them to the psycho to fulfil his bloodlust!

Nobody is going to save us. We have to save ourselves!

2 thoughts on “We Can’t Wait For The Final Blow”

  1. RIght. Now is the time to clarify the fact that the Union was never created by the two Acts of Parliament known as the Acts of Union. It was created by a Treaty, the Treaty of Union. The Acts of Parliament were required to ratify it before it could become law. One was passed (under dubious circumstances to say the least) by the Scottish Parliament. One was passed by the English Parliament. And these two Acts ratified a Treaty that dissolved both the Westminster Parliament and the Scottish Parliament and created a new entity known as the Union, which would be housed in – yep Westminster. BUT the important thing is that the new entity cannot re-write or reverse the terms of the Treaty which created it. A legal ‘child’, created by Treaty, cannot rewrite its parents’ marriage settlement! That is constitutionally preposterous. Especially since neither parent legally exists any longer. For centuries, Westminster has maintained the legal fiction that the Union was created by an Act of the parliaments of which one, Westminster, remains intact with the power to amend the terms of the Union. The Acts did not create the Union a Treaty (which comes under Treaty and constitutional law) did so. Neither parliament remained intact. Neither exists while the Union remains in place. Talk to Joanna cherry or CHristine Campbell about the implications and the way we go forward on this basis. UDI may not be a pipe dream after all.


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