Broken Arrow

Close your eyes and you can hear the cries “broken arrow, broken arrow!” Except this isn’t coming from an American soldier on a battlefield, it’s resonating around the corridors of Westminster. We would like to think it’s reached 10 Downing Street but Boris is on another holiday.

For those who aren’t familiar with the phrase, Broken Arrow is the last cry for help on the battlefield. It is only reserved for times of upmost desperation, when positions are completely overrun and all hope is lost. Upon hearing the cry Broken Arrow every asset supporting the unit throws everything in their arsenal at the opposing force, even if it results in the annihilation of ones own forces.

On Wednesday 19th August something happened that absolutely overwhelmed the unionist camp. The seventh poll came out with a 55% lead for yes in the polls. Since the December 2019 election the polls have gradually increased from 50/50 to the current 55/45. We all know this is a complete 360 from the results in the 2014 referendum.

However, this isn’t the real story here. The real story is that the Unionist camp have crumbled from “no more referendums, once in a generation” to coming out with absurd preconditions on the franchise of the vote. Knowing the mood in Scotland is now beyond their ability to reverse, their last hope is to be able to gerrymander the vote.

The initial idea came from none other than George Galloway, the man so morally confused that he supports a united Ireland, a free Palestine but can’t stand the thought of the nation of Scotland regaining it’s independence after 313 years. Now, we all know George. He will wear a leotard and meow like a cat on TV if his bank balance improves. So always on the lookout for a cause to milk, and knowing the British, he’s already sussed that there will be more than a pound of gold in the offering to take on these nasty Nationalists.

George doesn’t care about the people of Scotland, unionist or nationalist. He cares about what will get him the most attention. You can tell by the company he’s attempting to surround himself with. The more absurd and controversial the better, because George doesn’t have an answer to the crucial questions, he has excruciating bluster and absurdities.

It was one of these absurdities that caught fire in the unionist camp which told the world that “Broken Arrow” is echoing round the panelled corridors of London. George decided that he would change the franchise of the Referendum to include all people born in Scotland, but who now live elsewhere. We all know that this is out of step with the first referendum and a desperate attempt to gerrymander the vote with ex Scots content with a middle England lifestyle.

OK. George is an attention seeking non entity at the best of times, but the telling sign was how quickly others jumped on his suggestion. Andrew Neil was promoting the idea, Kenny Farquharson of the Scotsman was all over it. But the big tell was Michael Gove pushing the idea. They are shitting themselves, they know that IndyRef2 fought under the same voting criteria as in 2014 will end the union. So their only hope is to demand that the franchise is changed. They can only win if the vote includes those who left to live elsewhere. People who absolutely will not have to live with the consequences of their vote.

Now that the Broken Arrow call has been sent out over the airwaves, we are in the lull as all the unionist planes, rockets and artillery shells make their way to our position. We need to dig in and prepare to counter. To do that we all need to get behind the SNP and push them to final victory. While a sizeable chunk of their members as potential voters is more than disgruntled over GRA and the widely criticised Hate Bill it’s going to be tough to mobilise it’s most season activists to support them in the battle. Denying it’s an issue as Pete Wishart is doing, is the wrong thing to do, it’s like saying the damage hasn’t been done when you have only lit the fuse, eventually it will ignite the powder keg. For independence to win we need the SNP to park any divisive policies, reign in the woke section that are hell bent on preventing Joanna Cherry from standing for Holyrood and focus solely on the independence battle. Win that and Scotland has an entire future to decide the policies we want as a nation. Lose and we will forever be a plaything of the English state and house jocks like Michael Gove!

2 thoughts on “Broken Arrow”

  1. The only thing we hear is you lot. Like a broken record, lies, lies and more lies. You really don’t have a clue about independence. You want to be in the EU, that’s not independence. Economically we are in dire straits. Domestically, our public services are going downhill, because of the idiots who think that this independence lie is more important than the health and wellbeing of the Scottish people. Sort out these problems first and then think about real independence. Remember, you lost the last referendum, and agreed that it was once in a generation. You lied.


    1. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry that things aren’t going well in your yooniverse. The simple fact is that Scotland is more than capable of being a successful independent country. We have a GDP equivalent of Portugal with half the population. We are abundant in natural resources and a well educated populous.

      You are complaining about public services going downhill while they are out performing rUK and ignoring the FACT that U.K. austerity is the threat to those services you so dearly cherish!

      Finally, democracy is fluid. A decision in the past is exactly that, it’s in the past. The U.K. is a a vastly different entity from the one that people voted to remain in. Leaving the EU was the straw that shifted a large chunk of those No votes to support independence. And do you want to know something, they aren’t coming back!

      Since you’re arguing about a generation, can you show me where abouts in the Edinburgh Agreement does is state that? Hint. It doesn’t as nobody can ever deny a nation democracy for an undefined period of time. And you may also like to familiarise yourself with Smith Commission signed off by everyone involved and after the 2014 referendum. It declares that “Nothing in this agreement can stop Scotland becoming an independent nation if it so chooses” no time frame, no conditions and no restrictions on our democracy!

      I suggest that you get used to the fact that the vote and independence is coming and look forward to a Scotland where the nation is governed by the party the people voted for. A government that can use our resources for our country!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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