The Robber, The Cop and a Dead Guy

It’s like a movie script for a Michael Mann big budget movie. Flip to page 112 and start to read while your mind starts to play the movie in your head. It’s the final scene. A drone camera flies down a boulevard in LA. It pauses behind a lone detective as he prepares to open the door to a bank as the sound of an alarm, which almost drowns out the lines of various support actors buzzing around (this could be intentional or the deplorable standard of mixing in movies nowadays!).

The camera switches to a live action shot and follows the cop inside the bank. As soon as he’s inside the robber instructs to cop to give CPR to a victim on the floor. Immediately the cop freaks out. He recognises the robber and he has been on the take from him for years. So he opens the door and shouts out to the world outside that everything is cool. Back down and it will all be resolved soon.

He closes the door and walks over to the victim. By this time the robber is shouting at the cop to give the victim CPR! The cop looks at the victim and knows he’s dead. He looks is at the robber and mouths “WTF?” The robber motions with his gun and the cop gets down on his knees and starts pressing on the victim’s chest. Minuets pass and the cop tells the robber that it’s futile. He’s dead!

The robber shouts at the cop and in no uncertain terms reminds him that it’s the money he’s been feeding the cop that has given him a lifestyle better than the other city residents. Keep the victim alive for as long as possible and it will be all right! At this point the soundtrack kicks in. Overly loud music almost disorients the viewer as the showdown kicks off.

The cop stands up and shouts at the robber. He realises that there is a lot of people outside who would end him if they knew the truth. He pulls his gun and shoots the robber between the eyes. He then walks to the door and motions to everyone gathered outside that it’s all over! The camera switches to drone footage as it pans back and up to give a panoramic view of assembled emergency response vehicles to an overly loud soundtrack!

If you have made it this far you must be wondering what on earth this is about. Well, just imagine that the robber is the UK, the victim is the union, the bent cop is the Scottish media and those assembled outside are the people of Scotland.

For years the Scottish media has accumulated a decent standard of living out of the British State. It didn’t matter if their work wasn’t up to par, as long as they focused investigations in the wrong direction they would be looked after. Journalist could live their latte west end lifestyle while hiding under a cloak of faux socialism. They just need to fabricate scenarios where Scottish Labour actually benefited the people of Scotland. As long as they were attacking the robbers competition they would be better off than the average schmo in the country.

Right now in Scotland we are at the point in the movie where we are screaming at journalists to do what they are supposed to do. Neutralise the robber. Rip off his mask and expose his ugly truths. Walk to the bank door and shout to world outside that the robber and his union is dead. Anyone with knowledge of their corruption will have been eliminated. The journalist can safely slip back into work that might not pay as well but it’s honest work!

Fingers crossed that the people all across the Scottish media from TV to Print, find the courage to end the spree by the British State. That they will finally turn their focus on ending the power of the abhorrent protagonist, rather than ensuring that they live a wee bit better than their countrymen!

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