Spying, Fighting & Banking

So May flies to Florence at tax payers expense to make speech where she tells the EU that the UK doesn’t want to be part of it, but still wants a bespoke deal where the UK can keep the parts that’s in its interests. 
Basically she is saying that the UK will do what it does best. What she offered was Spying, Fighting and Banking. Yes let us keep trading and we will kick the shit out of bad guys and tip you off if we hear anything! It’s such a sad indictment that the UK has nothing else to offer. Our trade is seriously fucked, our services which rely on a shrinking manufacturing base will shrivel with restricted access to our biggest foreign market. The EU accounts for 40% of the UKs foreign trade but the UK is only 8% of the UK’s. That 8% is easier to make up in the internal EU market than trying to replace 40% trade in markets where no trade deals are in place. In future any UK Companies will be competing in foreign markets where EU companies will have preferential deals. We will no longer be partners but competitors and who offers a helping hand to a competitor?

Through an act of utter belligerence/ arrogance tainted with xenophobia 37% of the people of the UK have voted to make the UK poorer for decades, if not forever.

May said that the UK never felt European. One thing for sure is that I have never felt British. I have more connection to a socially inclusive Europe than an isolated island where those of privilege and class have consolidated power around an establishment that rewards them with the wealth that has been stripped from the average working person. Families struggle on a daily basis because priority is given to corporate profit.  After Brexit the conditions that the EU strive to improve will be cast aside as corporations will be free to exploit employees and the environment for profit while they will be allowed to continue to strip wealth away offshore to avoid tax.

The price of an utter act of self harm, voted for by people lied to by the very people they were angry with, will be paid for generations to come

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