It’s Time Sink Or Swim

I was watching the Channel 4 News last night, when it was revealed that those people who jumped from the Grenfell Tower to escape the fire have been recorded as suicide victims.  To me I find this absolutely abhorrent, horrendous, callous and scary. If there is anything that can highlight just how far the Tory Government will go to protect its own agenda, I can’t think of much worse but the problem is they are heartless, selfish and greedy enough to do worse.  Some may think that this is an over reaction, but I’d bet that toughest time they have ever had is when they came to terms with the fact that they couldn’t afford the M-Sports pack on their new BMW.  It’s not! By recording the deaths as suicide the Tories have covered up the true number of deaths in the tragedy and allowed insurers off the hook as they wont pay out on suicide victims.

On Monday the so called “Mother” of all parliaments voted to hand Tory ministers & junior ministers the power to make and amend laws due to the massive amount of legislation that will need to be incorporated or changed because of Brexit. The problem however is that the last time any democratic parliament gave away powers to an executive was in Germany in 1933. We know what followed and that it took 5 years of absolute power for Hitler and the Nazi’s to carryout Kristallnacht in 1938.  What we have right now is scary.  We have a Tory party in the hands of right wing ideologists who are already pressure from the UN for the abuse of rights of disabled people and capable of such callous actions over Grenfell.

The reality of Brexit is only starting to hit the UK economy, the tanking pound hasn’t seen the export boom that was expected and the NHS is struggling to find skilled people as EU Doctors and Nurses are leaving.  It is only going to get worse, a lot worse. It will take the UK decades to replace the trade we will lose after leaving the EU and the chances of getting equally as good trade deals with countries we already have deals with through EU membership is slim to feck all.  Take a country such as Japan, will it sign a better deal with 27 countries with 450 Million people and the largest economic area on the planet or a small island with 60 million people and a dwindling economy? It’s delusions of grandeur to think the UK. is the one place on the globe that everyone would prefer to deal with. Maybe Brexit is the kick in the balls the UK needs to realise that it actually a shit place, controlled by a few rich people who’s families aquired most of their wealth from the death and misery of millions across the planet. For the poor folk who voted for it, encouraged and lead on by the rich, under the guise of taking back control.  Well you have just been had, eat your gruel, go and toil in the fields for 12 hours a day.  If you are lucky the Tories will put some track down in between the rows of Strawberries for those in wheelchairs, as everyone had better contribute something as the Tories don’t think you are worth benefits.

In Scotland we have a chance, we have to wake people up to the threat that is coming their way.  We can leave the UK and still be in the EU or EFTA but we have to act soon or it will be too late.  If we wait until after Brexit and we don’t have any protection from the EU we will find ourselves at the very mercy of Tory ministers who will strip the Scottish parliament of powers or worse close it.  At a stroke of a pen a junior minister who has absolutely no connection or accountability to Scotland could authorise fracking, force GM crops, kill our renewable industry or sell off our NHS and we could not do anything about it.

There are still too many people who drift along day to day oblivious to the threat facing their & their children’s future. As long as they have cheap booze & reality TV to fill their mundane lives then they can get by. Like rats in a cage they tolerate any existence because they know no better.  We need to educate people, shake them from their slumber and let them know that there is better to be had and only by protecting our interests. Rather than sacrificing them and our resources for others to enjoy the spoils, only to scatter the crumbs at our feet. Only then can we truly flourish. Right now Scotland has crashed in a stormy sea and has to cut free of Westminster and swim to safety.  If not we will surely sink and pay a hefty price.




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