The Parasitic Union

We hear it day in day out. Scotland is too poor, we rely on handouts from London. We spend more than we earn. But GERS says Scotland is a basket case.

Well it’s not. Contrary to what servile Scottish unionists claim. Scotland isn’t a basket case. It’s host to a parasitic union and nothing short of that description can explain our situation.

It doesn’t take much thinking to figure it out. Take a tourist coming to Scotland to explore our stunning landscape or wander the streets of our historic cities. They arrive and depart through a BAA airport, hire a car, fill up with petrol drive then to their hotel. After they have unpacked they will wander to the nearest people pub owned by some chain and at every stage of the trip the companies they use are registered and taxed in England. The profits at siphoned straight out of Scotland and all we get is £8.75 or whatever the wage that is deemed sufficient for us jocks.

That’s just an example but if you really want to look deeper, just look at the bottom of ever receipt for the registered address. Only then will you get the picture of how we have became host to this parasitic union. It doesn’t stop there, nearly every major shipping line has closed its offices in Scotland and even our exports are profited by England. Then look at our high streets and supermarkets. Name a major retailer that is Scottish. Insurers? Banks? I’d bet there is little to none.

This is exactly the reason we need independence. If a company with manufacturing facilities in England and Scotland restructures, you can bet that it’s the Scottish factory that closes. While opportunistic cries of Scottish independence scared them away from unionists echo! Its been that way for decades. And for all the years Labour were in charge they did nothing to stop it other than turn up for a photo opportunity and some platitudes to the soon to be unemployed workers.

But independence will give us a border… yes and that’s exactly what we need. We may decide not to impose a requirement that all these companies registered in England need to have a Scottish HQ but we sure as hell can ensure that they account and pay taxes on their Scottish operations. Hell, if we have lower corporations tax than rUK they would probably move their profits here!

These decisions would be for whatever flavour of government Scotland elects post independence. But whatever happens we need Scotland to take control of its economy. You can bet your last £ that tourists visiting Denmark don’t stay in a hotel or drink in a pub HQd in Germany.

Whatever the threats over borders they might throw at us, just think. The U.K. cannot afford to introduce an Alien Act 2021 English companies are now so prolific in Scotland they will demand continued and unfettered access. If anything Scottish independence will be the one thing that finally temper the exceptionalism that has exploded in England and force them to review their relationship with the EU. I suspect Brexit has already made the realise this but they are hoping to bully Scotland into staying before doing it.

As much as Gordon Brown has resurfaced with another vague musing of Devo something. You can bet your house that it will offer no ability for Scotland to delouse itself of this parasitic union. We can be so much more than a host economy, only independence can make that happen.

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