Both Votes SNP, Not Fur Me!

Can We Make This Reflect Post Independence Scotland Now?

This is my personal take on the situation. It’s not a SNP, Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Greens Bad piece, it’s just where I personally think the independence movement is and where it needs to be.

While the SNP have done so much for Scotland they are the party of government and are constrained by the fact that they have to work to make lives better for all Scottish citizens. Young and old, gay, straight, black or white it doesn’t matter, every one should be equal in terms or their rights. My main worry is that the SNP have become the focal point for independence and as such the pace of the movement is being dictated by the glacial pace that governments operate. Any organisation that thinks it’s acceptable to automate replies to an email enquiry that stipulates they will get back to you in 14 days has a problem.

The SNP have had a monopoly on Independence since 2014. They have used the time to let the concrete of the 45% set and slowly built on those foundations to where we are now with independence supporters at over 50%. But this is where we have run into a problem and it’s a big one. Nobody in the SNP has updated the architectural plans for independence. Surely while those who sit on the executive are doing the hard work running the country there could have been as much energy put into drawing up visions for post independent Scotland? There could have been a committee whose sole purpose was to scower the independence movement and other countries on this planet for ideas that could be put forward for independent Scotland.

I am not stupid enough to think that the SNP will get to dictate what an independent Scotland will be like because they shouldn’t. The plans for an independent Scotland should only be drawn up by its first few parliaments. The job of the SNP right now is to show that Scotland has the solid foundations on which to build our shiny new country. whether that country takes the form of a megalithic skyscraper or a modest bungalow will be the choice of voters and to whom they vote.

This is the trap that unionists use on the Independence movement everytime. What currency will you use? Is the regular question. The answer should be our own currency which will be implemented at a time the government that we elect deem optimal.

OK. So why am I not a both voted SNP? Because we are now at a watershed point of Scottish politics. We can either let the movement flow over the top and spill out nourishing the seeds we have planted or we can continue to raise the barrier to the point that evaporation set in and we will never reach this high watermark again! Only the people of Scotland can set the flood in motion. And to do that? All we need to do is transition the parliament we elect in May to reflect a little bit more of what an independent Scotland will look like. More parties that support independence, more ideas of what independence will look like and more arguments to counter the “ye cannae” arguments from the unionists. Finally I’ve used this word so many times as it’s extremely lacking in the independence movement. PRAGMATISM! If we don’t adopt this now then Independence is going to suffer.

Your idea of independence will be different from mine, it will also be different from the unionists who will find themselves looking for a party to support when electing our fist parliament. Having as many ideas coming out of Holyrood will be an enlightenment to surpass the last one 200 years ago.

That’s why I’m voting SNP 1 and Alba 2. I want a parliament full of people who promote and give voice to those with ideas of how to drive our country forward. I don’t want these people to only have an option of an automated response thanking them for their input, it’s being reviewed and the aim is to respond in about 14 days.

I can hear the shouts just now, so here’s my answer. Alex Salmond isn’t doing this as an ego trip. He has probably done more to progress Scottish Independence than any person alive. He’s made it clear, he doesn’t want any position of government he wants to stand up in parliament and push the cause and to dead of independence! He may have a bit of an ego, but politicians… every single one of them feed off public support and the type of person who puts themselves into a job like that has and ego.

So, why not the Greens? Because our ambitions are green enough. Green has become a badge of honour. It’s a badge that is at risk of becoming a holier than thou, our country will be the greeniest country on the planet. The problem with that is that we are placing an enormous burden on Scotland when we are at a stage in our country that requires us to use every tool in our box to prosper.

To give you an example. I urgently demand a direct ferry service from Scotland to Europe. I was talking to someone with green credentials and they said it was the perfect opportunity to introduce a vessel demonstrating a new green technology. Immediately I thought Nooooo! What is up with you? Right now Scotland and her exporters need a service that is reliable and competitive. Why would we go and burden ourselves with a costly and unproven technology at a critical time just to wave a green badge expecting a pat on the head from the rest of the world. Meanwhile they get on with their reliable services which comply with ECA regulations?

Yes we should be green, but we should be pushing green on an international basis. We can invest in the development of green technology but let other countries who aren’t at as critical stage in their national development take the risk. It’s the same with oil. Oil, like it or lump it is going to be around for another century. While it won’t become a primary source of fuel. It will always be a primary source of manufacturing material for everything from anaesthetics to the dashboard on your new electric car. That’s why one of my policies would be for an independent Scotland to license the West Coast of Scotland to its own state oil company and any profits from that region can help us recover the hundreds of billions stolen from us in the past.

Finally. To those that argue Alba won’t get enough votes. Well if you don’t vote for them they won’t. It’s as daft as having your house burn down because you won’t dial 999 because you heard the guy that drives the fire engine has a bit of an ego. Well I’m dialling 999, I want 3 hoses on the flames of unionism instead of the SNP with their garden hose which the put down whenever they need to chase someone away whenever the come up with suggestions on how to tackle the blaze.

If we delay independence any further Brexit will be normalised in the minds of the voters we need to persuade and cut off from the EU they will become acclimatised to austere life in the U.K. Let’s fill Holyrood with ideas on independence and stop fighting amongst ourselves!

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