Suffer The Little Children

Well it’s happening. While those who support independence are tearing at each other’s throats over who’s the most morally just, the First Minister of England’s government is taking our Scottish Government to court.

Yes it’s taking the Scottish Government to court because the Scottish Parliament, the most powerful devolved institution in the world (according to Gordon Brown) incorporated the UN Rights of the Child into Scottish Law. It’s seems that it’s too much for the English Tory party to take. They can’t have the parliament for Scotland ensuring that Scottish kids have rights, especially if these rights offer more protection than those they wish to offer Scotland.

The veil is slipping and what we are seeing is the true ugly picture of what the U.K. offers the constituent nations and their citizens. It’s a U.K. where your rights and your children’s rights may not supersede a level of misery deemed acceptable by the people who find arms dealing with genocidal madmen acceptable.

Who wants to live in a country like that? The Tories who have already been found guilty by the UN over their ideological austerity. They don’t give a shit about people that need help. And by help we are talking about families where both parents work full time for a pittance which doesn’t cover the costs to cloth, feed and home their kids. For the Tories it’s just some law passed in their sovereign parliament. As long as they don’t see the consequences or people take to the streets (well you can’t because they passed a law against that) they don’t give a shit. They will continue to embezzle every penny they can while using the pandemic as a cover for the economic devastation their Brexit has inflicted and the more to follow!

What’s more upsetting is that at the very time we need Scotland to be united against this assault on our kids. The independence movement is split. Our priorities are all wrong. If we are to win independence it won’t be over bathroom issues. It will be with a solid economic plan that demonstrates what Scotland will do with the powers independence gives us. We need people to see that independence makes a success of small countries like Denmark and failures nations like Scotland that are regionalised in the U.K.

I’m saying this to both SNP and Alba leaders, parties and followers. Stop the fighting… now! Take leadership of your parties and call to heel the nobodies who think themselves somebodies because a certain issue gives them a platform to mouth off. You are doing the unionists job for them as most voters are turned off. What matters now is protecting our kids and the sustainability of our country, not pursuing some ideology that will also be challenged in court by the First Minister of England is spending energy and wasting political capital.

Every candidate standing for election to the Scottish Parliament should be going into this election prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver independence. Not at some point but from day one. They are our elected representatives and they are supposed to be the voices we do not have. They better make sure the First Minister of England hears us!

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