I’m sick

I’m sick this morning, I’m so so sick. I’m sick and tired of having to face another day of unionism being rammed down my throat!

I’m sick of seeing that horrible little clown of a trainee branch manager being given a daily platform to lecture Scotland that it should be focusing on the COVID19 pandemic when his London superiors are literally letting their corporate mates name their price to perform services that should be carried out by public health bodies at a fraction of the price.

I’m sick that this odious little cretin and his decrepit minions are attacking us, for refusing to allow them to obliterate Scotland’s unique brand with the garish obscenity of a Union Flag. Their loyalty to the union is such that they don’t care if all Scottish identity is obliterated. In fact I’d go as far as to say they would absolutely welcome anything Scottish being wiped from existence. The relish the day the can become the jackbooted overlords of a fully conquered and absorbed North Britain. The more misery they see in the people of Scotland the more pleasure they will get from grinding our faces into the dirt!

I’m sick of seeing and hearing these Tory unionists rage at anything positive in Scotland. They are a party of distant opposition who get to dictate, chastise and undermine our legitimate government thanks to their party being imposed by another country. Another country that doesn’t need devolved powers because it already controls the entire U.K. parliament.

Im sick that the English Tories have driven the U.K. to a No Deal Brexit and our “Scottish” media don’t hold and of the Scottish Tories to account on the economic devastation that will hit Scotland.

I’m sick of the fact that these Tory shysters have used Fishing as some sort of economic wicker man and demanded in the media that we should sacrifice the entire nation economy for something that is 0.16% of our trade and largely owned by five mega rich families.

I’m sick of the fact that we are the only ones who have to play by the rules, respect the pandemic and never mention the “I” word while they daily get to trash the very soul of our country. While the SNP daily report numbers, review evidence and make public health decisions they pass laws to steal devolution and allow security services and police with anything up to and including murder of those the state deems a threat!

I’m sick of while all this is going on those vile nasty “Scottish” Tories vilify us as being divisive. It is us who care about our country, it’s identity, it’s people and yet it is those who claim they are “Proud Scots” are the most eager to see our nation obliterated.

I’m sick that these “Proud Scots”!They constantly berate our country when it’s fact that it’s their system that allows an English supermarket to own property in Scotland to sell Scottish products which are to be branded as British to Scottish people and all profits are collected, taxed and attributed to England. When we point this out, it is us that are the villains, we should be grateful for the minimum wages and some funding through the Barnet formula.

I’m sick of these cretinous Tories demanding we fall to our knees in appreciation of and COVID funding from Westminster when it is they who take all our money in the first place. It is they who insist that we don’t have the powers to borrow, powers that would ensure that every penny borrowed was spent in Scotland, where Scotland needs it. Instead the allocate £12 billion of borrowed funds onto Scotland’s accounts while we only received £3.6 billion!

I’m sick, so so sick. I’m sick of being angry, frustrated, ignored, vilified and being expected to respect the result of a referendum to remain in a U.K. that’s a light year different from what the U.K. is now. After the warped mind drive is engaged by the Brexiteering imperialist crew seeking out the legend of a lost empire we will be a universe away from the U.K. of 2014!

I’m sick that all this is happening and we are doing nothing about it. I’m sick that Scotland’s head is in the guillotine while sanctimonious pricks like Douglas Ross spit in our face and remind us that any attempt to escape will put us at risk of catching the virus. Is the death of our nation a sacrifice worth the price.

I’m sick, what about you?

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