Careers and Smears

I am not a paid journalist so I only write about my personal take on Scottish/UK politics and the Independence cause. There are others who are paid to do a full time job and do a very thorough expose on the lies and false statistics that are used to keep Scotland in its place. To counterbalance the might of the mainstream media and BBC propaganda these new media sites need to be paid for by crowdfunding and there in lies the problem.  Instead of all these sites working towards the same aim, the smaller ones feel aggrieved that the larger ones seem to pickup a lions share of the funding. Yet the simple fact is that the reason these smaller sites don’t attract the high levels of donations is that they are not working to the benefit of the Independence cause and the public are not backing them with funds.  That is the clearest wakeup call any professional can get, if your not being funded, your not doing the job people expect.

Social media is awash with the Wings Over Scotland suing Kezia Dugdale over her deliberate attempt to smear Stuart Campbell of Wings in Parliament and following that in the Media. It was deliberate, and a blatant attempt to isolate Wings from the independence cause. Kezia hates Wings because on more than one occasion he has forensically exposed the lies that she and the Scottish Branch of Labour have tried to force down the gullet of Scotland. This is the sole reason that she decided to try and use a quip made about a Tory MSP, son of a Tory MP.  The quip was incredibly barbed, but when people who are so obviously lacking in the skills needed to be a professional politician are put on a platform and exposed, then a barbed can burst the bubble that surrounds them and leaved their lack of talent for all the world to see. If Frankie Boyle had made this it would have been laughed at and forgotten the next day. Kezia knows this as she has no bubbles left. The comment was barbed enough though that she thought that she would try to score some political points out of it, score a point against the SNP and maybe weaken the Independence cause. It was a blatant attempt to inflict damage. One would have to ask why she decided to make a fuss claiming it was so blatantly “Homophobic” when David Mundell didn’t? It was a cheap political smear and she thought she would bolster her career by doing it!

So as this was all bubbling along nicely Common Space joins the fray in support of the Unionist Kezia. Why? Why would a supposed Independence media come out in support of a Unionist in a civil case? Ah.. Careers.  Common Space can only think that by damaging Wings they can fill the void and give an even stronger voice to the Scottish Left. The thing with the Scottish Left is that Independence is not their goal.  Their goal is Scottland to be the most utopian society you can get and if it happened inside the UK, they would be happy with that. They don’t see Independence as their primary goal. This is exactly what cost us the referendum in 2014.  Their political focus was on making Scotland a warm and fuzzy place where the feelings of elation would be guaranteed and every employer would have to provide a 30 minute diversity or environmental lecture before the start of every shift. You only have to read the likes of Sillars who pontificates about the EU and would rather see Scotland inside the UK if it fits better with his myopic view of what an independent Scotland should be like.

I am not saying that there are not injustices and phobes out there. Yes, there is and it is wrong. Everyone has the same rights regardless of Race, Colour, Sexuality, Disability and any discrimination is WRONG. However, unless we get fully prepared for ScotRef and the left realise that without independence there is not even the most remotest of chances of righting half the wrongs that are happening in Scotland. We are financially controlled by the UK and there is not a magic ATM in Holyrood that the SNP can use to mitigate every penny’s worth of Westminster’s Austerity. No matter how much the left and Scottish Labour try to blame the SNP, they can only pay out what they get in, less paying for Scottish Labours PFI debt mountain. Labour wanted the UK to keep control and those on the left alternative media are looking to make a career out of perpetuating the grievance of any cause that can attract a few donations.

The reason Scotland is not independent now is because the campaign failed to install sufficient confidence if the vast majority of the public that Scotland would be economically successful after independence.  They weren’t concerned that it would be the most equal and diverse nation on the planet.  They were concerned that it would be a high tax economic wasteland populated by happy minorities, happy but skint! Scotland is a small but rich country and after independence it will be wealthy enough to be one of the fairest countries on the planet.  But to get there we need Independence first and convince those on the fence No voters that their futures will be secure. To do this the people to lead ScotRef must be Economists, Lawyers, Academics and not Leftwing media commentators who earn their money spouting opinion and carping from the sidelines.


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