Haud Yer Wheest

If today you vote for a Tory then from this day forward you can never complain about the services in Scotland again.  It’s what you wanted!

You probably voted No in 2014 and have been moaning about the level of services in Scotland ever since.  Even though these same services out perform the rest of the UK and have been suffering from the austerity driven agenda that you voted for Scotland to remain a part of.  You voted for Scotland to remain under Westminster control and for English MP’s to decide which trivial or pointless powers should be returned to the Scottish Parliament. You voted for Scotland’s hands to be tied and the only way to improve is futile because of the no detriment clause. That means that no matter how well Scotland performs Westminster will continually cut our funding by the same amount and we will never get the funding to the services you complain about.  You in effect voted to give Scotland a broken bike and deride the Scottish Government because it can’t do a wheelie.

So if you vote Tory today you can’t be two faced. You can’t sit there saying I am voting Tory safe in the knowledge that I’m protected from their horrible policies because of SNP Scottish Government policies.  If you vote Tory you should at least have the balls to live with the consequences and you should suffer those consequences.

You can have your house sold off to pay for your personal care once you have suffered for years from Dementia, MS, MND or some other debilitating illness. But don’t worry, the Tories will sell it after you die and kick your wife out on the street.

You can no longer expect your winter fuel payments, instead you will just have to wrap up warm and hope that Global Warming will accelerate thanks to the Tories scrapping environmental policies. But you do live in Scotland where winter can start in October and finish in May!

If you lose your job because of Brexit you can’t have any benefits for your 3rd child unless you are prepared to tell your wife to go to the Benefits Agency and reveal that she was raped. Good luck convincing an agency that thinks someone with terminal Cancer is fit for work that someone who carried a child was raped!

You can pay the bedroom tax on your spare bedroom and watch as the UK Government take any equity in your house to cover any benefits they pay you while forcing you to work at Sports Direct on Workfare.

You can’t complain when the Tories force you to work till you are 75 and die stocking shelves at your local B&Q store.

You can’t complain when the Tories start fracking and lower the value of you house, or when you get arrested for protesting against the frackers and the police hold you without charge because your considered an extremist and have no human rights.

Don’t complain about rights and freedoms being taken away to stop terrorists when the Government already knew about those terrorists and failed to stop them due to 20,000 police officers having been removed from the streets.

You certainly can’t carp from the sidelines knowing that you voted to have the Government of Scotland excluded from having any say in Brexit, a say that could have kept your industry and job alive.

So if you vote Tory today “Haud Yer Wheest” it’s what you wanted, just because you didn’t think that Scotland should have a say on it’s future. Don’t wake up in the future and ask how did this happen. Look at the evidence, not the spin.

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