Vote With The Heid & Not The Heart

Sometimes I wonder if a bad policy with good intentions can have a negative effect.  With that in mind I thought to distract from all the seriousness of the current General Election I would float a few policy ideas of my own.  I have thoroughly costed them in accordance with the guidelines for costing the Tory Party Manifesto.  Remember these are the policies of “The Heid” like all parties you may agree with them of disagree with them. But you don’t need to vote for me.. yet!

Policy 1. – Free Further Education

The Heid recognises that a well educated workforce is one of the most positive things a country can offer to businesses and prospective businesses.  In the interests of such we advocate free further education in all subjects that are vital to the growth, development and future of our countries economy and/or public services. Any vanity courses such as Medieval French Sociology etc will not be funded.  Also Music Engineering will no longer be funded, this is a country that should be at the cutting edge of sciences, technology, Law & Medicine. We can no longer expect the tax payer to fund a course that you can teach yourself with a copy of Pro Tools and 20 hrs watching videos on YouTube. For those courses funded by the Tax Payer recipients must remain and work in Scotland for 5 Years.  We are not paying to educate you so you can bugger off to another country and earn big bucks.  We paid to educate you, by working to improve our country first you are repaying that debt.

Policy 2. – Social Responsibility

The Heid is big on social care and believes it is the states duty to look after those in need and the Heid is eagerly waiting the results of trials in universal income to see if it has an over all benefit. However the Heid is a big believer in the fact that Social Benefits go hand in hand with Social Responsibility.  They are two sides of the same coin but both can be a large drain on public finances. So with that in mind the contract between the individual and the state will be that the state will guarantee to look after you in your time of need, provide your children with an education and your family with health care. In return you have the responsibility to make sure that you:

Turn up for doctors appointments or any appointments with state agencies at the appointed time. Missed appointments cost hundreds of millions every year.

Take an active part in your child’s education, go to parents nights, ensure that their homework is done and encourage them to be all they can be.

Don’t request prescriptions you don’t need

Teach your children to respect others and their property, the value of life and that vandalism costs tax payers money

In general, don’t be a dick.  Everyone has the right to enjoy their life without interference.

The state agencies must provide initial response to any correspondence within 24 hrs. In the commercial world any contact ignored for 24hrs would result in a lost customer.

Policy 3. – Economy and Taxation

The Heid is neither a Socialist or a Capitalist.  The Heid understands that for everyone to benefit companies must make profit in proportion to the risk they undertake and  workers need to have a fair wage so that they can provide a decent quality of life for them and their families. So with that in mind we outline the following

Min wage will be £12.50 Per Hour.  with taxation starting at £15,000 PA

There will be no Zero hour contracts, instead there will be contracts that offer employees a minimum amount of work over an annual period.  That way people who benefit from the flexibility not having to work a fixed shift and will know that they have a minimum guaranteed income and stability to plan their finances.

Tax bands will be < 45K – 23%,  >75K – 40%,  >150K + 48% The Heid believes that the state should never take more than half of any £ a person earns!

No large company can out price a smaller company by volume discounts. To allow large and small business to compete all suppliers must sell to each client at the same cost.  Volume discounts can only be applied at the end of a given period on verified sales.

All companies bust use Scottish based service companies, no foreign outsourcing.

Company tax should be fair and should NOT be avoided.  All profits earned in the country must be taxed and cannot be reduced by more than 20% with head office charges or routed offshore. Due to this problem smaller domestic companies are left with a larger proportion of the burden which is unfair. Corporate tax rates will be

Profits < 100K – 10%, > 250K – 15%, > 500K – 17.5%, > 2M – 20%, 2M+ 24%

Policy 4. Energy

No Nuclear or Coal.  Only Renewable or Hydro.  We will develop wave technology to become a world leader!

Policy 5. Defence

The Heid are big on avoiding scraps.  If we stop getting involved and supporting the wrong side the world would be a better place.  Israel had better stop its colonisation of Palestine, murdering women & children and retreat back to its pre 1967 borders or face sanctions.  The only actions we will ever get involved in will be on the basis of humanitarian need as declared by the UN and even these better not be instigated by the UK or USA! It will be illegal to sell arms to any country that uses them again civilians and every bomb will have a code that can be used to disable it if the recipient country breaks the terms of sale! We will be passive but strong and we will not be afraid to malky someone who hurts innocent people.

Policy 7. Immigration

If people want to come and live here, contribute to our economy then they are welcome. For every person that comes in could replace someone who doesn’t want to make Scotland a better place, we will offer them an emigration grant and a “Sorry You Are Leaving” card signed by all the Scottish people

Policy 8. Brexit

It was a brain fart by xenophobes goaded on by rich millionaires who will benefit from removal of regulations designed to protect us all. It should not go ahead. If it does, against our wishes any person who voted to remain and loses their job due to Brexit, they will be entitled to the job of a person who did vote for it.  As it was their choice, they should suffer!

Policy 6.  Independence

Yes. The union of the UK doesn’t work for the 3 smaller nations.  In return they should be allowed to take control of their own decisions with immediate effect.

There you go.  Some will agree, some won’t but none of these policies are more obscene than making a woman declare she was raped to get benefits for her 3rd child or denying a disabled person mobility.

So with that in mind please “Vote With The Heid & Not The Heart”





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