No, No, No, No – Look What You Started Said The Agent Provocateur

Ruth Davidson was interviewed on STV last night and in her usual arrogance self declared that even if the SNP got 50% or more of the vote it was still not enough for her to allow a 2nd Scottish Referendum to take place.  We are now seeing that the Tories are turning the manual of the old empire.  Provoke then complain when someone reacts.  A perfect example was that of Murdo Fraser outside the SNP Manifesto launch with his gang of geriatric goons.  They deliberately turned up with their “No to Indyref” signs and then feigned upset to the media when some SNP supporters started singing “If you hate the Tories, clap your hands”.  Just like the petulant child that wants everyone else to do as he wishes, he will cause a playground fight and then run to the teacher to tell her that everyone is picking on him. We have all witnessed these insufferable toads at some point in our life.

These are all petty childish actions, the shouting, in truth the Tories are better candidates for an episode of Super Nanny than they are for the Scottish Parliament. They want to sicken the Scottish public by making so much fuss and lowering the tone in the hope that eventually most will say, shut it down.  They have never held the institution in high regard and they believe that the orders that come from on high from Westminster and London are what the Scots should abide by.  It doesn’t matter if the policies are detrimental to Scotland’s people or it’s economy. The one shoe fits all policy of the UK state must be obeyed, even if that is a size 12 boot. It’s for this reason alone Scotland should not elect a single Tory MP who will never stand up for Scotland. We have been there before and we suffered.  We have tried the union for over 300 years and it isn’t working for us we are stagnating when every small nation is prospering.

For us that support Scotland’s democratic right to question our place in the UK post Brexit and that is a majority (57% ) of Scots and the even bigger majority believe that decisions about Scotland’s future should be taken by Scots at the Scottish parliament. We have to let the Tories know that their view of Scotland aided by a minority of hard line unionists is not acceptable to us.  We also have to make it abundantly clear that any attempt by them to poison the debate further by giving oxygen to Loyalist groups is unacceptable. The very same Loyalist groups have threatened to take up arms and have been identified by Police Scotland as a possible risk of terrorism.

We should not kid ourselves, when threatened the UK State is not beyond encouraging a friendly faction to slap an opponent.  That is why we need to make sure we react with nothing more than words. Right now our opponents are acting as Agents Provocateur whose sole purpose is to goad us into a response. If that fails a false flag action to try and tarnish the pro independence side is not outside the realms of possibility. With this in mind calls should be made for the EU and UN to be active in any future debate on Scotland’s future.  Only with their involvement will the activities of the UK State and biased media be suppressed.

We can take one thing from the flat denial of democracy from Ruth Davidson and the childish antics of the Tories is that they know Scotland is already lost and its only a matter of time.  The sad thing is that they are not prepared to stand back and allow democracy to run its course, they would rather stamp about stirring as much hate as possible to sour the taste of independence.



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