Forrest Of Media Thorns

Any supporter of Scottish Independence will know that we face a biased media. Something has to change and no once can change it but ourselves. On a daily basis we call out lies and distortions that in any country a free press would be hammered by the authorities for reporting.

There in lies the problem, Scotland isn’t free and the UK considers it to be a naughty little region that’s just going through a phase.  A petulant teenager kicking off at having their allowance docked. Except Scotland isn’t that and Westminster’s refusal to face up to the reality that Scotland is a Country in this union that wants to do things differently. We want to control our own economy using all the tools at the disposal of any other successful small country in the world.  These tools: Immigration, Borrowing, Corporate Taxation and legislative control over our energy and resources are vital.  For 300 years we have only every been able to grow at a level that Westminster decides. Even then as one sector such as oil took off, they laid waste to every other heavy industry.  A Scotland that was making steel, boats, cars, whisky and had oil would have been too much of a risk to walk away.  We are now at the cliff face of Brexit UK where the only viable option we have is to walk away, in fact run.. run away and save ourselves.

The No detriment clause in the Smith commission means that no matter how well Scotland performs in the future Westminster will keep taking all the money and cutting our budget. One thing for sure, you can never call anyone who wants the status quo Ambitious

For those of us who are ambitious the battle is like fighting your way through a forest of thorn bushes. Every day the media reports stories about billion barrel oil finds that are worthless, an NHS or education system that is in crisis but is performing better than any other region of the UK.  But that’s not good enough Scotland has to be perfect on pocket money and didn’t you know, the SNP are bad.  After the blatant manipulation of the BBC Leader Debate we got a treat from STV.  It wasn’t a major story, it was just a wee story about a small legal firm closing down and yet somehow this managed to get into the political section of the STV website! The reason being is that Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh used to work there and was a director for 10 months before she became an MP. That was 2 years ago. It’s just another attempt to inflict a cut in the SNP’s reputation in the run up to an election.


If our media was balanced there would be questions around the Tory “Dementia Tax” policy.  Dig a bit deeper and see that Mrs May’s husband “Binman Phil” is a director of Capital Group who is a major shareholder in Legal and General, one of the biggest companies on the equity release market.  As May forces old people to pay care costs out of the equity in their homes, her husband will be there to lend them the money, its a Tory win/win.

The only way we will get a fair media is if we stop consuming it. That means we stop buying papers or clicking on links which will hurt their sales & advertising revenues.  Why should we pay to be lied too and we certainly need to look at whether it is right for us to pay a TV licence for the State broadcaster to directly fund lies and propaganda.

The right to hold the next referendum will be manipulated by the media, we have to make sure that they know that their cards are marked and if they fail to be open and honest their revenues will suffer.

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