Sorry, Here’s Some Beans

The picture in the heading says it all. Sorry that’s all Scottish Labour have left to offer the people of Scotland.  As much as Kezia Dugdale tried to act tough on her Aberdeen Councillors by threatening them with suspension if they did not withdraw from their coalition agreement with the Tories.  They didn’t and are now 9 independents supporting the Tories. 

It’s at this point for the sake of democracy that by-elections should be planned as the people of Aberdeen who voted Labour didn’t vote for them to enable a Tory council.  However it also goes to without saying that Labour must take the same action in North Lanarkshire and South Ayrshire.  It is a travesty of democracy that these two parties from polar ends of the political spectrum can unite to form councils because of a single agreement over  the future of an independence vote that’s already mandated.  

The simple fact is that to maintain local democracy the party with the largest number of councillors should form the council either in coalition with willing parties or as a minority administration. Either way there would have to be trade offs, but for anything else is a big FU to local democracy. 

The future of Labour in Scotland is now at the point where they have nothing to offer the voters. The ultra Britnats have already left to join the Tories and the SNP absorbed a huge chunk of their independence supporters in 2014.  However there is still a significant number of loyal voters who support Scotland’s right to self determination who are reluctant to give up supporting Labour. That doesn’t mean they won’t.  After the recent council elections seeing Labour prop up the Tories could be their final straw.

If Labour in Scotland has any chance of making any sort of comeback it has to reaffirm its commitment to the people and stop being a party of the big beasts. A party where rejects who have carved out seats in boardrooms and the House of Lords are no longer deciding the direction. It has to become a party that first and foremost honours the right of the Scottish people to decide their future at anytime. That doesn’t mean support independence, it just means that the party members and supporters are free to take their own position as they did with Brexit. 

If all Labour continue to do is offer voters beans as way of an apology then they will soon realise that there is not enough beans in the world to keep them relevant. 

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