The Political Ingrown Toe Nail

I don’t want to keep writing about the Tory branch manager in Scotland, but she seems to be omnipresent and as healthy to the Scottish political debate as an ingrown toe nail. If you have ever had an ingrown toe nail you will understand.  It’s a painful condition that affects your ability to walk and the worst part is when you bash it.. The pain is excruciating and you are likely to end up with an infection.

Ruth Davidson is Scotland’s political in grown toe nail! Her sole purpose is to be an omnipresent pain and from time to time poison the political debate in Scotland.  We need to see that the Tories in Scotland have no policies on how to improve Scotland or how to grow our economy.  Their sole purpose is to keep Scotland and its resources under Westminster control.

To Ruth the needs of Scotland are to be sacrificed on the whim of her London paymasters.  After all it will be with their approval that she will get a seat in the House of Lords like her predecessor Annabel Goldie, now Baroness Goldie. That’s why as quickly as May took over leadership Ruth dropped being a remain supporter to support a hard Tory Brexit whatever the cost to Scotland.  When Nicola Sturgeon make it clear that she wants a seat at the Brexit negotiating table, it horrified Ruth who thinks Scotland should shut up and know its place.  It doesn’t matter how many Scottish jobs are sacrificed or if our resources are sacrificed for industries in England. It’s what benefits the UK that counts for Ruth.  The question is, will Ruth make sure that those that lose their jobs will be looked after? Will she make sure that the hardworking families 3rd child receive benefits? Not a chance, she is a Tory and once someone is out of work they are expendable to her. She believes that the DWP under London Tories are legitimate in saying “Well Mr Smith, sorry that you lost your job and will lose your house, but because your wife wasn’t raped we can’t pay any benefits for wee Jamie”

While Scotland is trying to deal with the latest bout of infection caused by Ruth, the one where she stubbed Scotland’s toe, digging that nail in deep by courting the sectarian vote, giving oxygen and in some cases a political platform to extreme British Nationalists in the hoping that the infection will take over the political debate. Ruth was given the opportunity to give a lecture at the George Orwell prize. Its about as appropriate as Fred West being asked to give a lecture at the B&Q Patio awards. Ruth in an attempt to poison Scottish politics even further decided to rub some leftover buffalo shite into the toe nail, probably in the hope of causing sepsis and the call for the Scottish political system to be amputated. Her lecture was basically that Scotland’s call for self-determination is bad and that people were bullied by the SNP into wanting to make our own decisions.  It was classic Orwellian double speak projecting the poison of her own beliefs onto her opponents.  Ruth and the Tories are the party that the most horrible nationalism in the UK has centred around.  It’s the nationalism that festered away in UKIP and the English Right which has been absorbed by the Tories and spread xenophobia into its very bloodstream. It’s a nationalism that has seen years of trouble and death in Northern Ireland, but still one that Ruth is happy to court. Its a nationalism that has no place in Scotland. Yet, Ruth still had the audacity to point the finger at a cross society movement that has never caused harm to anyone.

There is only one cure for an ingrown toe nail, you need to remove it. The only way to do that is for the people of Scotland to reject Ruth’s poisonous British Nationalism and have a sensible discussion about our future and the challenges ahead.  After Brexit Scotland will have some tough challenges.  It’s only right that we should decide and not have our wound infected by Ruth’s Buffalo shit nationalism.



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