Better Off With A Mute Suffering From Laryngitis

The Scottish Tories are on the prowl again today. They are campaigning that they are the only party who can put forward Scotland’s voice at Westminster.  For the people of Scotland who haven’t received a major brain trauma and can still manage to swallow of our own volition, this is beyond hysterical. It’s actually delusional to the point that you would be forgiven to think that it’s obligatory on Tory party members to consume Osbourne’s leftover stash, washed down with a bottle of the Lodge’s favourite Tonic wine!

Any Tory MP’s elected to represent Scotland will be nothing more than a lap dogs for the Great Dictator May and if she fully morphs into Korean dictator, she may even eat them! Unfortunately I don’t think we would be lucky enough to wake to the news that the dear leader has decided to eat the elected representative for Morningside as he passed on a concern from a constituent that leaving the single market was hurting his business.

As it has been proven in history of Scotland anytime the Tories have been in power and elected MP’s Scotland was scorched and the Scots Tory MP’s sat there doing nothing and were eventually made knights and lords.  Pretty much the same as Labour but they are socialist knights and lords, I don’t know the difference but Kezia keeps telling us there is. That is the thing when Scotland elects Tory MP’s they don’t stand up and fight our corner, they don’t highlight the damage that Tory policy will have on the people of Scotland. They will follow the Tory whip and do as their told. If the SNP didn’t exist we would have a better chance with 59 mutes who have laryngitis. At least they would stick two fingers up at May when she tries to sell off our fishing waters to keep Nissan in Sunderland.

Even the Scottish Tory Party don’t want Scotland to have any say what so ever.  Jackson Carlaw tweeted today saying that Nicola Sturgeon wanting to be at the Brexit negotiations is to undermine the UK.  Wrong, its to make sure that Scotland’s position isn’t undermined.  He is a perfect example of a Tory Scot that thinks Scotland must always come 2nd place to anywhere that Westminster priorities.


Just because Ruth Davidson went to Peterhead and with no power of authority signed a letter. Certainly getting her picture taken with few Orange Fisherman, doesn’t make the future of Scotland’s economy secure. Having Nicola at the table will stop May sacrificing our resources for the benefits of her & her husbands rich friends.  Anyone who still wants Scotland in the UK should still want to ensure that every industry in Scotland doesn’t suffer.

There is only one way that Scotland voice can ever be heard at Westminster and that is for us to send a large contingent of SNP MP’s to Westminster to hold the Tories to account.  The SNP have been very effective in calling out the Tories both in the chamber and on the committee’s.  They certainly have shown that Labour are totally inept in holding the Tories to account as they continue to focus on undermining Corbyn at every turn.

Scotland can’t afford to go back to the 80’s with spineless Tory MP’s being used as justification of a Westminster Tory Government to implement a scorched earth policy.  We have been there before and the older generation that lived through it would be wise to cast their minds back before casting a vote for the Tories.



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