The Jolly and Compassionate Viper

This is Ruth. She likes to portray herself as jovial & robust and has carefully managed her profile in the media. That profile could easily be a charter from countless carry on films from the 50’s and 60’s. You know the type. The ever cheery girl that bounds across the screen and is always up for a bit of jolly old fun, in the great outdoors or around the farm. What ever the setting is she always featured in the media with an omnipresent grin. 

That’s the thing about photo shoots, they don’t give you an insight into the featured person. Thankfully in Scotland we know all too well about Ruth, irrespective of how well she stage manages her image on the ever compliant BBC Carry On Scotland. After using a photo op of riding a buffalo to promote something that the benefits Scotland by being in the UK, she refused to wipe down her wellies and traipsed a whole load of buffalo shite right across Scotland’s political carpet. 

That’s because for Ruth and the Scottish Tories, politics to them, is nothing but defend the policies of Westminster. Irrespective of how much they damage Scotland’s economy or restrict its ability to grow. Ruth doesn’t want Scotland to be all it can be, she would rather it was nothing more that what it’s allowed to be. She is a Smith commission Unionist politician. Scotland should be no better or no worse.  What sort of ambition is that for your country?  No matter how it could improve it must not be better than it is allowed to be as decided by Westminster!

That’s why in the devolution lifeboat Ruth and her Tory chums insist on throwing in great big chunks of deadweight hoping to sink the SNP before it reaches the safety of an independent land.  Staunchly defending the rape clause or to put it correctly the 3rd child tax. You see the Tories attitude towards benefits is that every recipient is a scrounger and shouldn’t get a free ride off the state.  But that’s the problem with their thinking. They don’t think about those that can afford children but then lose their jobs and with Brexit looming a whole lot of people who’s jobs are dependent on EU trade would be fools to vote Tory in the hope that they would look after them when the economy tanks.  For her it’s another opportunity to demand that the SNP use valuable resources to mitigate Westminster policy instead of improving Scotland. 

Ruth and the Tories have as much compassion as a viper with a new set of fangs. That’s why their attitude to the rape clause is not that the clause is wrong, it’s just that they think getting women to relive their whole experience and publicly reveal the nature of their childs conception is a box ticking exercise. But it’s not because a Tory run benefits system lacks compassion or understanding. Let’s she be brutally honest. If the DWP run by the Tories can find people with Terminal cancer fit for work, just how will they believe a woman has been raped?  I doubt it because the DWP is now an agency that is designed to find reasons not to issue benefits, not advise someone what they are entitled too.

It’s the same compassion that is absent in Ruth. While the Tories are taking motability vehicles away from the disabled she thinks nothing of a photo opportunity of her grinning in a disabled buggy designed to let disabled folk get access to the countryside. In reality it looks a lot more like she is taunting the disabled by letting them know what they could have been doing if the Tories hadn’t taken away their only means of getting there. Instead she probably thinks the disabled should be at home watching the Tory propaganda on BBC Carry On Scotland.  

Just when you thought the buffalo shite had dried up and crumbled off her wellies Ruth has went the whole hog and decided to try to ruin the Scottish carpet for good.  Because of the fear that the Independence vote is not going away Ruth has deliberately sought to bolster the Tory vote by absorbing the hardcore unionist vote from the Orange order. She has given a voice to side of Scotland that deserves no more oxygen than a Muslim hate preacher. No doubt she will try to portray the Orange Walk as a Lanarkshire health initiative but to those of us in the West of Scotland who have to suffer the exhibition, it’s nothing but a display of hate. Being prevented from crossing the street because a bunch of bitter people would be offended if you crossed their line is beyond any expletive I would want to publish in public. But hey, their Ruth’s last attempt to corral the unionist vote.  But Ruth is the master of creating the stink and blaming the SNP and the wider Yes community.

Scotland must rise above the level of politics that Ruth is trying to take us down to. We do need parties that have different views across the political spectrum. However all parties need to put Scotland and its people first. These parties need to come up with policies that will drive Scotland forward, not hold it back. Even Ruth admits that Scotland needs immigration at the same time the U.K. Government is kicking out families who have setup business in the highlands. But Ruth is proving that she is not really a politician as she can’t give any policy that would fulfill Scotland’s needs to grow. Certainly she can’t give any policies that don’t highlight the need for Scotland to have full powers of any normal country!

The voters must reject Ruth and her Tories at the General Election because Scotland deserves the opportunity to be the best it can be. No better and No worse is not an option any longer. If we don’t the the stink of buffalo shite will fill our nostrils for years to come.

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