Stop Talking About The Cure

A wee story to start off.

A patient goes to his Doctor as he has a really bad knee and is struggling to walk.  The Doctor inspects the knee as tells the patient that his cartilage needs to be removed, it is an elective surgery but once it’s done, he will be up and about in no time.  That was in 2014. The patient said no to the surgery.  He decided to limp along restricted in what he can do.  Can’t paint the house, mend the fence or start the business he always wanted to.  A few years later he’s wheeled back into the Doctors in a chair.  Doctor “There has been no improvement, I’m in agony every day and can’t do any more than I could the last time I was here”.  The Doctor replies “Well Mr Scott, the only thing that will get cure your condition is the operation to clean up your cartilage, if you don’t, your condition will only worsen”  At this point the patient loses his temper and starts shouting “Operation, operation why do you keep talking about an operation”

Can you see how stupid the patient is?  There is only one thing that can cure his condition. Right now he is suffering and things will not improve over time. Sure he can wheel himself about and do a restricted amount things.  He might get strong arms but that’s about all.

Consider this. The patient is Scotland where  55% voted No in 2014 to independence, Some of it was out of fear and some of it was out of pure attachment to the Cartilage!

We are treaded to a daily dose by the Anti Operation Unionist “No to ScotRef” parties of how bad the SNP is performing and how Scotland is too poor.  But it doesn’t take much of a closer inspection to realise that the problems that are affecting Scotland’s mobility is that Westminster Cartilage.

How? I hear you say.  Well just the other day the Unionist parties we saying look Scotland’s oil cost the Scots money last year.  Really? The reason the UK and as a result Scotland “lost” money was because the UK Government reduced the Petroleum Revenue Tax to 0%.  If you decide to give it away you won’t make any money! Think about it. The UK is borrowing money whilst giving Scottish resources away to make Scotland look poor. Then expecting us to pay that money back. That is nothing other than politically engineered poverty!

Aye but the SNP haven’t grown the economy. Again without having full control of every lever i.e. Corporation Tax, Borrowing, Immigration, International Trade Representation you can’t reach much higher than your wheelchair allows.

We just need to look at Ireland who have the fastest growing economy in the EU at 5.2%  They have full control of all the levers and its working for them.  Their renewable energy policies, corporation taxes, immigration are all under their control, Oh.. and they are in the EU!

Even if Scotland decides that the EEA or EFTA is best for us it is a choice we should make and maybe then we can see the full potential of Scotland.  Not a Scotland saddled with Westminster debt payments, and policies that restrict the direction of where we can grow our economy.

Maybe it’s time the relatives of Mr Scott insist that he has the operation and gets rid of that gnarled piece of Westminster Cartilage so he can get walking, working and living a better quality of life. One thing for sure, if he doesn’t they won’t be wheeling him about forever!

Don’t vote for the Anti Operation parties or you will never be able to walk again!

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