The Lying Lunatic Bus Driver

Theresa May is a liar! She lied when she claimed that the SNP has been fined by the Electoral Commission. Yet yesterday the very same commission confirmed that in the 83 year history of the SNP it has never been fined.  The SNP know that they have to be cleaner than a 15,000 year old Antarctic ice field, otherwise the unionists and their puppet media would be all over them.

Seriously if you just look at the amount of flak the SNP and their supporters get whenever they hold or say something to do with Bannockburn, one of the most defining points in Scottish History.  Yet in comparison a significant number of Tory and Labour supporters (including some councillors) can wander the streets of the West of Scotland shouting “We arra people” and drinking Buckfast.  But that’s OK they are celebrating part of their historical culture. Really?  It happened in Ireland on behalf of a Dutch King!

So as it looks we are going to have to suffer the fate of having a liar as a Prime Minister because a significant number of people in England think that sticking two fingers up to the EU will make their sorry lives better.  It won’t, not when you are electing a party that will sell off the NHS and make them pay for American style health insurance. That will then directly affect the amount of our money we get back from Westminster.  Who will use the savings to pay for other things in London and the South East.

They are voting Tory because they hate immigrants, not the Polish care assistant who was wiping their mums arse. No, she’s OK and those two builders that built the house extension. Really friendly and wow, what a job they did.  To them they individual immigrants are nice, decent people and they don’t hate them.  They hate the other unknown immigrants, just not the ones they interact with during their daily lives.

So because of middle England prejudices and a “aspirational” attitude that means they buy into a philosophy that an extra 1 or 2 pence in tax on the individual and corporations would bring the country to the point of meltdown.  They don’t see that having thousands at risk of dying through failing healthcare, schools in spiralling decline and tens of thousands of jobs at risk from Brexit is an actual meltdown.

They would rather wrap themselves up in the “Strong and Stable” blanket of proven liar Theresa May.  Someone who uses a lie to deliberately smear political opponents.  You can pretty much be guaranteed that if she is prepared to do that during the General Election she will also do it during the Brexit negotiations.  The EU will not play her nasty divisive game and will be completely transparent.  For those that voted to remain in the EU, it will be like watching the lunatic driver of our bus, drive off a cliff whilst being goaded on by 52% of the passengers who believe that bus is strong and stable enough to survive the impact.

For those who are voting for Tory and don’t care about a hard Brexit, they can always be assured that the Tories will support them when they lose their job.  It’s not their fault so the government should look after them.  Well their myopic Tory vote has ensured that the level of benefits they will receive wont help them.  They won’t receive any benefits for their 3rd child as the Tories don’t want anyone to have children unless they can afford them.  That is unless their 3rd child was conceived through rape.  Then they want them or their partner to relive past trauma and declare the details of the child’s conception to a civil servant. But according to the Tories that’s OK because they can get someone from a compassionate agency to fill the form in for them! Lets be brutally honest here.  If the DWP under Tory control has difficulty being convinced that someone with Terminal Cancer is not fit for work, what makes you think they will believe that the woman was raped?

The newly formed right wing Tory infused with UKIP is not something that a vast majority of the people of this country can afford to live with.  Services are struggling, not because of immigration but through imposed austerity.  The UK’s debt has shot up by over a Trillion pounds in 10 years and during that time vast parts of our infrastructure has been sold off, and yet nobody knows exactly where all that money has gone! This General Election should be used to halt the Tories and send them a clear message their experimental project of engineered poverty through austerity has no place in Scotland.


Published by: Noises Fae The Heid

Ardent supporter of Scotland's right to self determination, guitarists and Song Writer with The Giant Head Collective. Have worked in the international transport industry for decades and extremely concerned about the effects of Brexit on the Scottish economy

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