Old Enough To Know Better

When you break down the demographics of voting intentions there is one startling fact that tells the future story of Scotland.  It is that the older generation voted No and it looks like they are voting Tory.


Some serious questions needs to be asked of the older generation who are supposed to be wiser.

We are talking about the children of men who gave their all to ensure that Europe was free from tyranny. How would these men would feel to see their children turn their back on a social alliance that has brought peace and stability in Western Europe for the longest known period in history?

The older generation always tell us how shit things were back in the day.  Everything was shit, the baby boomers who in Scotland weren’t really booming. Rationing was just coming to an end, the NHS had barely started so malnutrition was rife and anytime you got sick your father had to pay for treatment. Then just as you were starting to get on your feet the Tories came along and levelled Scotland’s industrial heartland.

I am pretty sure that if the older generation took off their rose tinted vari-focals and cast their minds back, through the bunting. Wipe away the propaganda Pathe News Reels voiced by some middle class Surrey twonk. Most of them would start to remember that it was actually shit!

Maybe we need to set up a side section in the transport museum in Glasgow.  Just off the old Glasgow street. A reconstruction of a ward from an old Glasgow hospital! Before any old person gets to vote they have to walk down the old street dressed in keich brown trousers and a brown itchy arsed tanktop, into the stark hospital ward stinking of antiseptic and passed the bed that their school pals or older relatives died in. Jimmy from TB, Agnes lying there with Polio, Uncle Jack from “we’re not quite sure what it could be”. Then through the waiting room where Tam with Rickets who was shite at football as he was easily nutmegged, sits for hours waiting to see the doctor. Only then can they vote.

Chances are this won’t reach the older generation because they are tuned into BBC Tartan and Unionist print media. Its a shame because the generation that is supposed to know better, really doesn’t. I can’t believe that the generation that grew up listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and even Black Sabbath would grow into natural Tory voters in Scotland.

There needs to be a way to inform the older generation and let them see that a vote for the Tories is the most regressive thing they could do for the country.  The SNP in Scotland have done much to alleviate the austerity handed down from Westminster, but there is a limit.  They need to see that they are voting for a better life for their children and grandchildren.  That better life doesn’t start with voting Tory to see 000’s of jobs disappear as a consequence of a hard Brexit. It also doesn’t mean that their grandchildren should suffer from Rickets which is now making a comeback due to severe poverty and malnutrition.

The future of Scotland is being written and with most people under 65 supporting Independence it is a matter of time.  The irony is the older people voting Tory will actually shorten that time as they will also suffer as Health Care, Social Care, Pensions, Winter Fuel Allowance will all be slashed. The older generation will pay a high price and as usual the unionist parties will say that Scottish Government should be expected to pick up the pieces.  Maybe its time for some tough love towards the older generation.  You broke it, you own it.  If you are a poor pensioner and vote Tory then you should have live with the consequences as the Scottish Government will need to use its limited powers & resources to ensure the best start for future generations. You voted against Scotland having full control of all areas of our economy in order to build a fairer and more balanced society.

Alternatively, maybe we should make sure the younger generations vote en mass and let them see from the results that our way is better.


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