The March Of The Tories, LOL!

The local elections in Scotland where the SNP won an emphatic victory under the STV proportional representation system (425 seats in 2012 – 431 seats 2017).  However it was the Tories that used the election to engage with the seedier site of the Scottish Electorate. It’s primarily a West of Scotland thing, the Loyal Orange Order.  There has always been a connection to the Tories but Labour had their fair share of Loyalist members that the Tories desperately wanted to absorb.

After the council election results the Orange Order couldn’t hold back from praising its members who have been elected as Tory and Labour councillors and much to the disgust of a majority of Scots, a big question has to be asked of the parties that consider these people to be fit to be their elected representatives.

To get their defence in first many ardent unionists who were obviously embarrassed by this connection decided to blame the SNP. But they can’t. It is blindingly obvious that the Scottish Tories lead by Ruth Davidson has blatantly set her stall out using a methodology that the British States has standardised everywhere. Use religion to divide and conquer the people. This time her cry “No to a second Scottish Referendum” also encapsulates the “No Surrender” of the Orange Order.

It’s been a practice throughout the empire and has left a wound that is struggling to heal in the Indian subcontinent.  Before the arrival of the British communities were integrated but once the Empire started to take root it used sectarianism to divert the focus of the people from the British to each other.  The whole philosophy of Divide and Conquer is that if they are fighting each other they aren’t fighting you!

It is not something that is taught in our Schools but is widely known by those who are prepared to scratch the surface of British Colonialism. However, you just need to look at the internet and pretty soon the evidence is there.  The below excerpt from the New Yorker is just an example.


In effect the British destroyed the communities in India so much that when they were forced out, the country fractured into India and East & West Pakistan.

We also don’t need to look much further than Ireland, to see a prime example of the British use of divide & conquer.  Northern Ireland has suffered for decades because the British have actively backed a section of the society in order to keep its claim over the territory.  It has taken years of international negotiations to get to the stage we are now.

So now in Scotland we have the Tories actively absorbing the Orange (Protestant Vote) and giving them a platform.  In doing this the Tories are attempting to revive a sectarian divide that Scotland was leaving behind. As you can see from just one of the tweets those who back Protestant Unionism are not hiding it anymore.


The question of whether Scotland should or should not be an independent country has nothing to do with faith or what football team you support.  It’s about what is best for Scotland and it’s people of all religion and race.  Not some fixation on a bygone period of history in another region of the UK and which  certainly has no relevance in modern Scotland.  The people who are voting Tory because they support the union are deluded fools, because the Tories are the British Government and to them a poor & disabled unionist will suffer the same fate as a poor and disabled nationalist.  No matter how much you swallow the unionist lies, the bitter taste of reality is that you will rely on the policies of the SNP to make sure your child has free school meals, free further education, you don’t pay Bedroom Tax and your gran can have a decent quality personal care.

The big question all decent Scots of every political persuasion need to ask is, Do we find it acceptable for the Orange Order to become involved in civic society and government at any level?  That answer should be a resounding No.  The Orange Order is an organisation based on hatred, no matter how you dress it up in a suit and bowler hat and marching to a band that look like Trumpton’s soldiers have come to life.  We would not allow Muslim hate preachers to be politically ligitamised by a mainstream party, so why should we give the Orange Order any more oxygen?

The Tories are playing their last cards in Scotland solidifying around a hard-core unionist vote, but if they insist on maintaining ties with such organisations they deserve to lose the support of decent Scots who do not want to see hate normalised in Scottish society.



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