Our Supreme Leader

In case you might have missed it, yesterday Theresa May moved to chapter 3 of her “Dummies guide to North Korean Politics”. This chapter is how to vilify anyone who opposes you regime. The following paragraphs summarises this tactic best

“To be a strong and stable superior leader you must divert any critical scrutiny away from you. To do this you must proclaim your strength and your stableness in the face of foreign adversity.  You cannot understate the level of threat to your country by tyrannical forces of evil who wish to see your people destroyed. You as a strong and stable leader are the only person who can guide the state to the golden pastures where all will be blessed with their hearts desires. 

 The blessed path that you have chosen for your people should be made clear by a strong and stable announcement. Do not disguise the consequences of your destination, but rather emphasise that your chosen path is the lesser of the many evils your people face.  You must remember that as a strong and stable leader who has crushed the saboteurs (see chapter 1) and alienated all extremists (see chapter 2) only the outcome of your decision will be known. Any other possibilities, no matter how much better they would turn out can ever be truly known and will be consigned to the dustbins of history along with those of chapter 1 & 2

As you can see May has followed this tactic to the letter.  She appeared on TV to immediately accuse her EU opponents of trying to interfere in the UK’s election which it isn’t. Both the Tories and Labour are the only parties that could form a government and both are pro Brexit.  Either way the EU know that the UK intends to leave.  The problem the EU has is that May and the Tories are unaware of what the leave process entails and just how complicated it will be to extrapolate the UK from the thousands of agreements it has made with the EU.  Everything ranging from Nuclear energy to the European Space Agency will have to be addressed, and paid for!

So exactly as chapter 3. states she had to defend her weakness by attacking her opponent all while reiterating how strong and stable she is.  At the same time she had to address any domestic threats by labelling them as Saboteurs and Extremists hoping her core followers are too dumb and xenophobic to take an objective look at the situation.

May then addressed the “Golden Pastures” by declaring that the EU are out to get her and force the UK to have a bad deal.  The thing with Brexit is that compared to being in the EU anything else is a bad deal. You will never be on the same level platform as the 27 other countries when you are outside the block. That means trade, research, further education, farmers, the environment and our rights as human beings will suffer.

Scotland has a choice, at the end of this we can decide do we want to take the extremist path and decide for ourselves or do we want to be tied to a shrinking UK economy that will slowly wither.  The damage caused by Brexit will take decades to recover to the point where we are now. If May walks away without a deal as a strong and stable leader would do when she has backed herself into a corner then there is a real danger of catastrophic damage to the economy which will require 10x more austerity and a wholesale disposal of the NHS for the country to avoid bankruptcy.

May is using this election and timed outbursts to distract from the Tory Election fraud investigations that are ongoing but these are only the tip of the iceberg. There are also rumours of HSBC funneling over £5 million of dark money to the Tories in aid to have investigations into money laundering and claims that Mrs Mays husbands company could have made Billions from insider knowledge over Brexit. This is being investigated by the Cabinet Ethics Committee but I suspect that in the Totalitarian State the UK has become it will be whitewashed over and our Supreme leader will continue on her paranoid and delusional ego trip.  The only way to stop her is for the people to reject her and her repulsive party on the 8th June



Published by: Noises Fae The Heid

Ardent supporter of Scotland's right to self determination, guitarists and Song Writer with The Giant Head Collective. Have worked in the international transport industry for decades and extremely concerned about the effects of Brexit on the Scottish economy

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