A Proud Unionist

Scotland is in a state of flux where half the narrative sounds like the Tories have taken  their campaign and turned to touring a pantomime.

At the weekend we had Theresa May appear in a village hall in rural Aberdeenshire which has a high population of people who sold up their houses in the South East of England and retired to Scotland.  It was assumed that they brought with them their Tory beliefs which made the area a logical choice for the Tories to stage their “Top Secret” pantomime for the media. Although these people weren’t invited to attend.  The location was chosen because these people would not challenge Theresa May. It was still so much of a secret that it was actually booked as a children’s party.  All this so entering and leaving would be a doddle as there would be not challenge to the Prime Minister.

Like all pantomimes you need a villain and an evil stepmother. Any critic worth their salt would have to point out the weak points of such a theatrical performance.

“The whole show fell apart quite quickly after the opening curtain lifted. The Evil stepmother went into a tedious monologue about how “Strong & Stable” she is and that the tartan clad baddies outside the room are “Extremists” and “Separatists” who must be crushed. Unfortunately the budget didn’t allow for anyone to play the baddy, so the audience was left to imagine a ginger jihadi complete with Molotov cocktails made using Buckfast bottles.  The level of production was horrendously poor and the writing was third rate. Even a first year at drama school could be infinitely more imaginative with their dialogue.

After the final curtain fell the lead actor was interviewed by a stage hand as she had refused to allow scrutiny of the script by any of the professional press.  Needless to say clarification of the plot was unattainable.

In a final attempt to boost her ego the leading actress took to the streets to knock on doors to try and boost ticket sales. After attempts on 4 houses with no response she decided that maybe the location for the play is not right and that maybe the tour should focus more on a southern audience who’s tastes are a little less demanding”

The whole farce is that the Tories are not a party who represent values of much more than 10% of the population of Scotland.  To be prepared to vote Tory you need to be rich enough to weather the consequences.  What could these consequences be? Well the privatisation of the NHS in England is well underway and as such it will have a drastic effect on the budget Scotland gets to maintain the SNHS. So if the amount of our money we get back from Westminster gets slashed after the Tories are elected with a huge majority, the Scottish government will have to take money from other areas such as free personal care or further education. Alternatively you could wake up one day to find that control of the SNHS has been taken back to Westminster and incorporated it in its great NHS sell off.  Just like they did with control over Renewable Energy as they did not want Scotland making the industry a success and controlling too much of the UK’s energy market.

If you are not rich enough to be a Tory but still intend to vote for them then you are just like the prisoner in Monty Pythons “Life of Brian” no matter how much pain the Romans had put him through he just had to admire them. If voting Tory in support of the Union is your equivalent of “They only turned me up the right way yesterday” then what is the point?

What is the point in supporting a party that will cause you untold harm.  May claiming to be Strong & Stable is a pathetic attempt to grab power and quash all forms of dissent. Once in absolute power she will continue to punish Scotland, just as Margaret Thatcher did and without the protection of European Human Rights and a Brexit that will tank the Scottish economy.  Your Tory vote could cost you your job, your healthcare, your children’s future.  Your position could be turned 180 degrees to the point where you are unemployed and refused benefits for your third child after supporting their policies. In the 80’s the Tories cost Scotland tens of thousands of jobs and would easily do it again and you can bet you last penny that not one single Scottish Tory would stand up to defend Scotland from a Tory Westminster Government.

You maybe a proud unionist but are you rich enough to gamble on a Tory union?


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