The Hacking Cough Of The Union

Yesterday the pound shop Thatcher Theresa May came to Scotland to deliver her “Plan For Britain” speech. Apart from one mention of all the countries in the Union there was no plan to set out how the UK would be come united again. It was the most hollow, scripted, shrill attempt to muster support for something that few people believe in. It was more tramp than Tump, in its attempt to project a bolstering effect for Mrs may’s precious union.  It even showed on the faces of those poor people forced by the bosses at the UK Government Department for Aid to poor countries.  I would bet that many Scots wondered if that the office was there to deliver aid to Scotland, considering how they keep telling us how poor we are. The agency workers looked like they were being held hostage and off to the side out of camera view, there were hooded men with AK47’s gesturing them to clap at designated points in the speech.

The truth is there is no plan. Theresa May is out her depth and devoid of ideas.  She was handed a poison chalice when every other Tory in the leadership race assassinated each other and left her the last woman standing.  The best that Mrs May could do was make a fist of the situation and to do that she has tried to play hard ball.  The thing with playing hard ball is you have to have enough strength in your position that when the ball rebounds it doesn’t knock you on your arse.  Being hard against Scotland and hard against the EU is easy, when you know your still a while away from having to face the issue.  However if you look lost and bewildered when EU leaders snub you at the end of a meeting, it shows just how out your depth and lacking in awareness of your situation.

After the no detailed, no plan speech to a closed off room, May was spirited off to meet the First Minister in a Glasgow hotel room. Chosen because it was the only place in Glasgow that did not contain a hint of Scottish identity. When the Prime Minister of the UK comes to Scotland and insists that there must be no Scottish identity in view, the future of the Union is as grey and bleak as the “Plan for Britain” backdrop. May has made it clear, English dominance of the UK parliament will continue in future, there will be no further devolution and Scotland will become the grey rump of a Red, White and Blue Brexit Britain. The “Now is not the time” mantra is wearing out quicker than a £12 pair of Sports Direct trainers.

All in all it was a wasted trip, it was a distraction from the Billion barrel Oil find that was announced yesterday. To have pushed down the headlines yesterday so it only got a cropped picture and 17 seconds of airtime on the BBC Scotland news, that’s if most Scottish viewers hadn’t switched off by then.  Oil, that commodity so worthless that the UK is currently giving it away while the prices are low to make Scotland look poor.  The Petroleum Revenue Tax is currently at 0%, reduced from 35% and 50% before that.  You need broad shoulders to take that burden on. Norway made £2.7 Billion from taxes on Shell alone last year, the UK gave them a rebate of £80 million. This is not gross miss management of Scotland’s assets.  This is deliberate exploitation of Scotland’s resources used to make Scotland look poor.

The UK is bad for Scotland’s health, that’s why we are now at the situation where over 70% of Scots don’t trust the Westminster Government to look after our interests.  The 20 odd percent who do are like Smokers who refuse to give up their unfiltered high tar brand “The Union”.  They spend their day exhaling their toxic grey fog of doom over us and coughing up their Red, White and Blue lies over our democracy.  Time is taking its toll and we will hear less and less hacking as the smoke clears.

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