Why Play With Loaded Dice

Every day, every single day it happens. You say something positive about Scotland’s future as an independent nation only be to bombarded by derisory comments from Unionists that “Scotland can’t”, “Worst deficit in the Western Hemisphere” and you know all the other arguments. The independence campaign hasn’t started yet and they are still using arguments from 2014.

The Unionists are out of arguments and you can tell by the tone of the debate that they are at an utter loss for a positive case to remain in the UK. That is why they are resorting to sheer abuse, they want people to be switched off from Scottish Politics. They want the public to switch on the news and see a Holyrood that is more like a children’s nursery than a place of Government.  The reason they are doing this is because they can’t do realpolitik when it comes to Scotland.  It is the union first and then cause a storm of crap over anything positive that the Scottish Government are trying to do, to improve the lives of the people of Scotland.  It reminds me of what a No voter told me what reason was in 2014, he said that Labour and Tories in Scotland did not have enough credible politicians to be an effective government. When I observe the many list MSP’s in these parties I can understand.

It’s obvious to around 50% of the country that the SNP are doing the best job they can with the resources they are allocated, lets not forget the PFI debt they are saddled with also. Take for example Baby boxes. The slightest mention and unionists go into meltdown, how can the Scottish Government do something like tha? How can they spend 6 million to ensure that every baby born into a nation with 40% poverty rate?  How dare they and how dare they give that baby a poem!  They are brainwashing a future generations.  If giving baby boxes helps hundreds of babies born into absolute poverty then only the bitterest cynic with a heart of stone would try to make political capital out of it.

Seriously they are so barren of ideas and a positive case for the union their only hope is that a continued smear campaign by the UK media will wear people down and say enough! We don’t want politics done in Scotland, take it away and tell us the decision. It’s safe to say, right now the Scottish Public do real politics, they know more about state of Scotland than most of the list MSP’s.  Take an ITV’s news broadcast on the day of the referendum debate, it was showing some areas in Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency. The interview was conducted with two women who were immediately exposed as being Labour supporters and actively campaigned for a No vote. But in addition ITV was bombarded by hundreds of members of the public to clarify that Glasgow City Council is actually responsible for controlling slum landlords & fly tipping. It is not an MSP’s job to organise bin collection and if Nicola did put special pressure onto GCC can you imagine the great joy that would be taken by unionists when they exposed this.  It is a GCC failure and they are using the media to push the blame back on the Scottish Government. One additional point is why are the Labour and Tory list MSP’s not also held to account or are the pointless non entities who have no constituency work?

Those who support Independence have to push forward the argument and visions. The most important thing is we need to look at the big picture. If you take the old Unionist favourite GERS.  The UK tells us we have a deficit but the problem is that the UK can produce a set of audited accounts for Scotland, just a big lump that is proportioned out. The SNP have to use what the UK give them.  But when we look at the big picture things start to look a bit suspect.

UK Deficit

The UK Deficit is £67 Billion pounds out of which allegedly Northern Ireland has £10 Billion, Wales has £14.7 Billion and Scotland £15 Billion.  Can we seriously believe that 16% of the UK population is responsible for 56% of the deficit of the UK?  Can it be that this is why there is not a devolved English parliament, because there would be more clarity over the deficit and spending in England?  The above shows us that there needs to be a fundamental way that the UK Government spends and allocates money for the devolved nations to show a deficit. Rather each nation deserves to have a full set of accounts rather than have large contributions assigned to them for spending on England.

Whatever the above graph shows it can be one of 3 things

  1. England being the largest partner restricts the growth of the satellite nations as opposed to them being in a position to manage their wealth & resources themselves, attract business and grow their economy
  2. The Treasury controls the allocation of income and spending for each nation to make them appear weaker than they actually are
  3. Both of the above

Whatever the above answers are it is a damning indictment to the state of play in the UK where three nations are manipulated for the benefit of one.

In preparation for the next referendum we have to move the argument on, I have always argued that GERS is a moot subject due to bad data. We can no longer meekly argue playing a game where the dice is loaded.  We can do things differently, model our government on other small nations. The case to remain in the UK where its broad shoulders were connected to a set of arms dipping our pockets has been exposed.  The argument is after Brexit leaves the UK in a worse situation and more debt is piled onto Scotland can we really not afford to stand on our own two feet?



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