We Have A Flag, And We Are Not Afraid To Use It!

I remember a few years back, that good friend of the No Campaign and comedian Eddie Izzard did a sketch about how the British Empire, in its own mind had the right to conquer 25% of the world.  The British mentality was that if they found a new land, which happened to have resources that Britain could make money out of, all they needed to do was plant the Union Jack.  The theory behind this travesty is that, if you didn’t have a flag you did not exist.  That’s right, Britain stole the wealth, murdered millions of people and sold millions into slavery because  indigenous people weren’t aware that a flag was all they needed to reject Britain’s claim of possession. Admittedly even with a flag Britain was never shy of taking what it wanted by force.

Scotland has a flag, one that represents the many people who live in our land, the Saltire stands for everything we hold dear. It is a symbol of protection for those that want to live and make their home here, irrespective of their country of origin. It is a statement that the land of Scotland belongs to all of the people and our resources are not to be stolen against our wishes.

Since before the referendum of 2014 the Unionists have derided the use of the Saltire by those who want independence. By claiming that many are frightened at the sight of people waving the Saltire, they are lying about their true fear. They don’t want us to know how strong we are. They want those who to support independence to be anonymous. Those in power hope that when we don’t know how many of us there are, they can make out we are a minority. With that they can stop the movement growing. We have all seen evidence of that on TV with small gatherings when in fact there was 10’s of thousands on the streets. They are trying to quell a movement that covers people from many different back grounds and countries of origins. Scots, English, Irish, Welsh, EU Citizens, Asians, Chinese, Africans.. you name it they all come under the umbrella of the Saltire to support the right of self determination. Yet the unionists try to tar the Saltire with values that the Union Jack has more in common with, oppression, possession and state supremacy.

So in the coming months, when we see thousands of people marching & gathering under the Saltire, join them. They are saying you have no claim of possession over us.  We refuse to let you control our resources and dictate our wealth, we reject your ideas of state sponsored poverty and racism. We want to take our place in the world.

We have a flag and we are not afraid to use it!

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