How To Describe A Dali Painting To A Blind Man

In Scotland we are kept in the darkest box, of the darkest room in the last remnants of the British Empire.  Unfortunately due to our geographic location we were the first to be colonised and as it stands we are one of the last colony’s left.  Technology and information have shrunk the world, but even then for those who seek, the truth is often buried deep amongst information that is designed, solely to prevent the answers being known.

That is exactly what #GERS is. GERS is information about Scotland’s economy based on information provided to the Scottish Government by the UK Government. It was created by Tory Ian Lang who is now Barron of Monkton! If you have ever visited Monkton, a Barron is the last thing you would associate with a Tory Barron. It is not in the interests of the UK Government to demonstrate exactly how rich Scotland is, so much of the key information is lumped together in a big pile of numbers making it impossible to decipher. In truth describing GERS to the people of Scotland is like describing a Salvador Dali picture to a blind man.  Just how can you describe melting clocks, each showing a different time, is that a dead Goose or a dead Dolphin?  Is that a lake in the distance and a desiccated spider on the pocket watch, or is that a Whisky flask? It is just to damn complicated and like the Scots, the blind man doesn’t have enough information to complete the picture in his head. Every description is questioned, why are the clocks melting? what colour is the lake? The answer we tell to the Dali picture and we are told about GERS is “It just is!”

In the great GERS debate there are two opposing sides who claim the figures are used by the Scottish Government so they must be true, Scotland has a fiscal deficit that proves that independence is futile.  They refuse to acknowledge that the Scottish Government cannot borrow and doesn’t run a deficit.  The other side counter that the deficit is caused by UK borrowing & Spending then allocating debt to Scotland that we didn’t run up or even see it spent in Scotland or any project that benefited Scotland.

The whole point I am making is that according to a London Professor of Economics Richard J Murphy, GERS is constructed from bad data because the UK Fiscal institutions don’t require companies to report their earnings for the regions.

For example Price Waterhouse Coopers have reported that UK Oil & Gas companies contribute 16.4% of UK Corporation tax alone and when you factor in other taxes such PAYE etc they estimate that in total it contributes about £30 Billion to the UK Coffers.  Now if this was split geographically after independence you would see that fair chunk of that would be in Scottish coffers, yet GERS cant tell us exactly how much of this is generated on Scottish trading, profits, VAT etc.. Then lets extrapolate this across many industries such a retail, B&Q, ASDA, TESCO, NEXT and a whole lot more who don’t need to separately declare and pay corp tax, VAT on Scottish profits and trading. Then think Whisky, Hotel chains, Pub’s and every industry sector you can think of.  That’s why GERS is like trying to describe Dali to a blind man.  It is something so complicated that the blind person doesn’t have the information to form an opinion and say “wow, that’s a weird”.  Right now GERS is a moot argument so we can only say its a picture!

I am not saying that we would or would not have a deficit, just about every nation runs a deficit just now.  What I am saying is that if we model iScotland on other small independent nations we will be equally as successful, prosperous and be a happier place to live.  People are happier when they have control over their lives, they can vote for governments they want and when they don’t work in their interests they can be voted out. Let Scotland’s Independence be the operation that allows the blind man to see!

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