A Vote To Build A Bunker

There is an Asteroid about to hit, one that had shown up on some radars, but the exact trajectory wasn’t known.  However since the last election it has been confirmed and it looks like it will hit hard.  So to protect Scotland we need to vote to build a bunker.  A bunker that will give us protection and limit the damage to our people. This is where it gets kind of crazy, because some people don’t want to build a bunker, they want to take the full force of the impact and they want to refuse others the choice of protection.

This is what is going to happen in the Scottish Parliament this week.  The Scottish Government and the Greens are wanting to hold a referendum on Scotland’s place in the UK after Brexit terms are known but before the damage has spread to every household in Scotland.  The UK Treasury is forecasting a -7.5% hit to GDP which is devastating. To mitigate some of this the Tories will borrow even more money from their friends and pushing the national debt up by 100’s of millions of pounds, probably to well over £2 Trillion.  Meanwhile a heap of that debt will be allocated to Scotland so they can shout “Too Poor, Too Wee and Too Stupid” at us.  We are not even factoring in the £60 Billion bill for leaving the EU that the UK will have to pay and will bill a large chunk to Scotland.

The thing is that the increasing debt burden will also mean increasing debt repayments which will mean an increase in austerity.  That will mean budget cuts to Scotland and a drastic effect to the levels of Social Care, NHS, Police services etc.  Of course the Unionists won’t own the problem, they will just blame the Scottish Government and will be backed up by the BBC and UK loyal media.

I understand, that many average men and women really don’t do politics, they would like to bury their head in the sand and ignore it.  The problem is, some problems are too big to ignore. If your job and earning capability will be totally eradicated by Brexit the UK Government are not going to treat you with compassion, they are going to heap a whole lot of misery on you.  You will be forced to work picking fruit, cleaning toilets or hotel rooms for minimum wage, if you are lucky.  The UK Government at looking to  remove as much rights from the public as possible, you can’t protest, you can’t unionise you just can’t because the state says no!  If you are left on your knees after Brexit they will see it as being your fault for not being wealthy enough to ensure your economic survival.  Sell your house and live off the little equity you have, once you are penniless they will put you on workfare to retrain you to be a drone.

This week is a vote to build a bunker.  That bunker is not a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.  The bunker is to have a simple democratic vote on whether Scotland stays in the UK after the Brexit terms are clear. If the terms are favourable then you can vote No and stay in the UK, if however it is a hard Brexit that will crash the economy and make 2008 pale into insignificance, then you have the option to vote Yes and take refuge in the bunker marked EEA, EFTA or EU.



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