Clipping On The Bungee

So Nicola Sturgeon called a press conference at Bute House and there was a wide consensus across the media that she was going to lay down another marker towards Theresa May and the Brexit team.  Don’t ignore Scotland.  Thankfully she didn’t, the Scottish Government have been the only government since June 23rd that has actually put some thought into the consequences of Brexit.  Some of these consequences are UK wide but some are specifically under the remit of the Scottish Government.  Since putting these forward to the UK Government in December they have been stonewalled. You cant put it any other way.  The UK Government has arrogantly refused to address any of the options for Scotland. And that is a Scotland populated by Unionists and Nationalists alike.  Like it or lump it we all suffer the same fate.

With in minutes Social Media went into meltdown with the two tribes squaring up against each other. With in half an hour all the news channels had dug out their pre 2014 graphs and charts and hit the airwaves with the “Too Poor, Too Wee, Too Stupid” line.  They even rushed across Brussels to ambush a quote from a NATO representative.  The gentleman had a look of surprise, almost as if he had just came out the toilet and had been caught with his fly down.

All this proves that there was no understanding of what has happened. 2014 was a No, we know that.  But if the UK changes beyond a place where a majority of Scottish people will feel comfortable being part of, then we have a right to question the union.  It is after all only a union of 4 countries, dominated by one of them. Fundamentally Scotland will always have that right, its the burden of the UK to make sure that the union works for all constituent countries.

If Nicola Sturgeon waited until well after Brexit was well underway or May stormed out and left with no deal exposing a huge amount Scots to untold hardship,  by the time a referendum for Scotland’s place in the UK could be organised and held, many of those Scots could be feeling real pain and our NHS & Social care services in meltdown as staff are expelled.

So by setting in motion a call to grant a Section 30 order allowing Scotland to hold a referendum before the UK leaves the EU, it protects all the people of Scotland and importantly it protects our assets from being traded away. The UK will not be in a position to sit at the table and say “have Scottish Fishing grounds, if we can have access for the city of London”

Everyone in Scotland should be thankful that the Scottish Government is being proactive and preparing to protect the rights of everyone who lives in Scotland, irrespective of where they were born.  Once all is clear and the Brexit terms are known then, everyone gets their say on whether they want to remain in the UK or whether they want Scotland to decide for itself on EU, EEA or EFTA membership.  All Nicola Sturgeon did yesterday was clip on the bungee cord before the UK made us jump.


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