Breakdown The Gate!!

If I was a No voter since 2014 I would be pretty pissed, in fact since 19th September 2014, I would be feckin ragin. Within the hours after result being announced David Cameron came out on the steps of No. 10 and royally booted Scotland (and the rest of the devolved Nations) in the balls.  Never again will the restless natives be able to have a say on crucial subjects that affect how much of your money we give you back. We will decide what we spend in England and exactly what % of that you will get.  If that means we privatise the NHS and subsequently reduce your funding for your own NHS regions then so be it, you will have to follow our model of Government.

Since then we have had the transfer of 2800 tax office staff from Scotland to Croydon ensuring more of our taxes are collected in England, closure of Job Centres without the DWP carrying out an assessment on the impact on people. Foodbanks are now a necessity of the poor working for companies that are making hundreds of millions of pounds in profit every year and yet pay little or no corporation tax.

Everyone is aware of it and everyone talks about it, but like cattle on a truck to the abattoir the just ignore it, what’s the worst that can happen?


its uncomfortable, but what can you do”.

Eventually the truck gets to the gates and the backdoor opens, the cattle are put in a holding pen, yet still

“Things will get better, this is just where we are just now, the promised pastures will be ready soon”

Some of the cattle notice that a gate looks weak

“If we all push against the gate it will break open and we can escape over that hill to Independence valley” but we all need to go together.

“No, we stay here and go through that door called Brexit”

Some of the cattle question it

“Are you sure? When we arrived that pen over there was full and they’ve all gone through that door and we never saw any of them come out the other side”

But the most wanted to wait and see if things would improve

“Lets wait and see, there is no point in running over there if we don’t need to.  That guy with the wellies and the big stick seems to know how to get us moving.. See that’s the Brexit door opening”

As the cattle start to filter through the door the ones at the front start to jump around, they are getting agitated. They are hearing the bang of the bolt gun, the cry’s of pain and smell the blood of their fellow beasts. Eventually the whole heard are in a blind panic, they are inside the abattoir and there is nowhere to escape to, they have to suffer the consequences of their fate. Before the last of the cattle get to the killing floor one shouts out “Why did we not break down the gate?”

The moral of that story is that Scotland is in the cattle truck and pretty soon we will be in the holding pen where we can make a choice,  break down the gate and walk over the hill to Independence valley or be beaten by the man with the stick through the Brexit door. Pretty soon we will be captive, inside the UK without the EU to ensure that the UK treats the devolved regions with respect and not as a resource exploited for the profit.

Make no mistake, the Tories at Westminster have borrowed hundreds of billions in our children’s names to keep their friends rich. The country is in so much debt that the only way they can payback that debt is to cut expenditure on the NHS, Education, Policing etc while still maintaining their income from the public. All while leaving their friends in business free to take their profits offshore.  The NHS will be slowly privatised, forcing privatisation on the devolved nations too.  It wont happen in one go, it will happen slowly and gradually, but the end result will be the same.  We will be paying the same amount in taxes to the government to cover the debt repayments while having to find additional money for private health insurance.  People with pre-existing conditions will have to pay exorbitant premiums or go without treatment.

It really is up to us, we can decide to kick down the gate, leave the UK and take full control of our lives for the benefit of everyone or wait until it dawns on the full heard that there is an alternative option, but by that time it may be too late!

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