Don’t get suckered into taking swipes at the clouds

Its a daily occurrence, every morning you wake up and check the news and twitter feed. Only to be greeted with the same crap that you woke up to the day before. It reads like this.. Scotland can’t because it’s too poor, Scotland can’t because of oil, even.. Yes, Scotland has 5.5 million people and a high rate of GDP, a strong food industry, a world leading beverage Industry, is a 1st class tourist destination for our scenery, history, golf, cities and a whole lot more.. but it just can’t become independent because..(insert latest reason here)

And so it goes on, we are lectured day in/day out and #IndyRef2 has not even been called yet. Being pretty passionate about the need for Scotland to take its own decisions and have it’s own voice in the world, I usually can’t resist jumping in.  In reality it’s a pretty pointless and futile thing to do because we are not at the stage where these arguments really matter.. some of their arguments are twisted and unfounded anyway and can only every be proven right or wrong in the context of an independent Scotland.  It is something the wish to deny us, so they have us taking swipes at clouds, fighting against a case that has no substance, it just looks big, imposing and trying to block out the sunlight of future Independence.

Here is the rub. The arguments of unionists are based totally on Scotland’s place in the UK and that means the UK which controls our economy and most of our crucial tax and spend. The UK has no interest in forcing corporations to split out their corporate profits to show how much Tax should be attributed to Scotland, (or indeed Wales or Northern Ireland). They will not do anything that will show the true economic plunder of the regions.  Instead they provide basic accounts that show only the obvious information. Until we know exactly what us the corporation tax on Scottish Profits for BP, Diageo, Argos, B&Q, Tesco, ASDA and every other company registered elsewhere in the UK but makes money in Scotland their argument is mute. Then you need to factor in the boost to the economy as these companies who trade here will have to have headquarters here, so there will be a jobs boost and a resulting tax boost through Income tax & Business rates. Trade in our resources will be carried out here, not through a myriad of London based companies. Yes, there will be movement the other way, but nowhere near as much.

So instead of fighting clouds we need to evaporate them with fact.  The fact of the matter is that until the people of Scotland elect the very first democratically elected government based on their policy proposals for Currency, EU/EEA Membership, Income Tax and a whole load of policies we cant be sure exactly how an Independent Scotland will look.  I am pretty sure that those against Independence will quickly be putting forward their views on how their country should be and very soon you will have the roadmap to a successful Independent nation. Saying can’t/won’t will no longer be an option, they will be fighting to make the best of a new Scotland.  So we must test these professional politicians who claim they love Scotland, but argue for the union, by asking them to tell us their plan B. Federalism is dead, May pretty much made that clear, so Scottish Labour’s Vow mark 2 died before the ink dried, not that anyone believed it in the first place.

There are at least a dozen countries out there that we can model our Government and spending structure on, we can learn how they do things better, as the way the UK does things now isn’t the correct way either. For roughly 50% of the 6th richest country to be near or in poverty shows that something is rotten to the core. Not even taking into account the worst pensions and retirement age in Europe.  I am pretty sure the UK comes near the bottom of those lists.  The Scotland can’t argument should be countered by Scotland can if the majority of people want it to!  It is not as if we will be the first country to become independent and we are certainly not the only country to ever leave the British Empire either!




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