Projecting their fear

As we settle down from the weekend that was the “Scottish” Tory Conference while watching Glasgow’s Fire Brigade put out a feeble attempt at Scorched Earth that took place in Govan, we have to take the time to reflect.. What was their point in holding the conference at all?

Under scrutiny the Tories are a party of one thing in Scotland, namely Unionism. They are not a party of policy aimed at making Scotland a better country, their sole purpose is to hyper criticise the SNP Government at every turn.  Even though we know that the exact same services run in England, or indeed any other part of the UK are seriously failing through lack of investment, mismanagement and.. privatisation. The Scottish Tories are a party that offer nothing but hypocrisy and bluster to hide their fear. A fear so great that their only hope of winning is to project the same fear at the people of Scotland drizzled in threat of ending devolution! It is also not surprising that Scottish labour have kept quiet seeing Kazia’s Federalism promises lie in tatters before the ink dries and some of her activists starting the pensions threat.

Project Fear 2 has officially started and already pensioners are front and centre, for 3 reasons.  1 They have limited access to information out with mainstream media, 2 They rely on the UK government to give them one of the worst pensions in Europe and finally no. 3 They are the generation that suffered Thatcher’s beating in the 80’s and have lost confidence in Scotland’s ability to be a successful independent nation. They suffered first hand at Project Wasteland. In the years that followed they held the hand of Scottish Labour who promised to make things better, to stand up for Scotland.  We all know how that tuned out.  Scottish Labour careerists did their part for UK Labour, got peerages & high paying city jobs while their supporters got their benefits cut.

Is it any wonder that these people are going to be the 1st victims of Project Fear 2.0?  To counteract this we need to let the old people know that their pensions are safe and we need to let them know (and everyone else for that matter) that trade will also be safe.

As much as the Unionists like to bluster it’s plainly evident that every single person in Scotland that has paid Tax & NI into the UK over their working lives and that is a sum that is well into the 10’s of billions of £’s.  When Scotland votes Yes in #Indyref2 the negotiations with the UK government will start in preparation for Scotland leaving the UK after a period of couple of years.  Even after independence there will still be negotiations as the assets are divided and Scotland starts to make its own way in the world. One of the 1st things to be negotiated will be the pension pot paid into everyone in Scotland.  Either the UK is going to have to find an incredibly large sum of money on day one or it will agree to continue paying the Scottish Government money the pensions for them to pay to pensioners.  To say that there will be no pensions is a down right lie and make the UK Government guilty of theft. Those that peddle the lies should be exposed for the vile creatures they are.

Then there is trade, look around and it is hard to miss English companies trading here, retail  is one of  the best example.  Just about all the UK chain stores and supermarkets are English registered companies and they will want to keep trading in Scotland, rUK trades more into Scotland than we trade with rUK.  That is trade that wont stop and post #Brexit rUK will need every penny of trade they can get to avoid a full blown recession. However the UK Government may bluster when the time comes they are going to have to lick their wounds and get on with talks that are to the mutual benefit of both parties.  They have done this in every colony they have left.

Their main concern, will be keeping a seat at the big table because they have Trident. As long as they have Trident they will feel like a force in the world and that is a crucial area that will drive their will to compromise.  They know it will take much longer than the 2 years to pull out of Faslane and after #Brexit, Gibraltar wont be an option as the Spanish may end up with joint sovereignty. So while they build a new base they will have to compromise and pay Scotland in return.

Project Fear 2 is nothing but the Union projecting its own fear at us.  It knows that in many areas it has a weak hand, so outright belligerence seems the logical tactic for them to take.  They are aided by a few careerist lackies who’s fear that they will have no political future post indy. They know that in Scotland the Union is dead, we don’t vote for Unionist parties, they only get in on a warped voting system that gives them 10 times as many seats with half the votes.  Its time to hold up the mirror of truth and project the fear back at them!




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