Wait for 4 Years Then Bring Back To The Boil

The referendum on Scottish Independence was lost by a very slim margin. A 5% swing would have seen the results land in favour of the Scottish people who want to make all the decisions for themselves, whether that would be bombing Syria or just staying in the EU. Much was made about the EU during the referendum, one of the biggest arguments was that an independent Scotland would not become a member.  However that just rings as lies when you consider that the EU are perfectly open to fast-tracking, placing Scotland in a holding position etc. that they are now.  In 2014 all they were doing is not getting involved as a courtesy to the UK.  The very same UK that has just turned round and slapped them in the face.

The EU is big and has a lot of control over regulation, but look around Scotland and you will see billions of pounds worth of improvements funded by the EU to rectify devastation caused by the Tories at Westminster. Namely Thatcher, now know as May MK1! Our lives and health have been improved by regulations on the food we eat, water we drink and cars we drive. But for those who fear European control, member states have power of veto and set their own domestic policies (something Scotland doesn’t have in the “equal union” of the UK)  Free movement is a cornerstone of the EU but each countries has the ability to  set its own domestic policy in regards to benefits that are paid to people.  The UK could easily have set a policy that allowed no migrant to claim benefits for a year. Unfortunately the UK never bought into the philosophy of the EU, just the market. Now it is going to leave, but it still wants the market.

As such you can expect that once Article 50 is triggered and negotiations start the UK is going to sacrifice everything on the EU’s alter to allow access for the City Institutions and maybe the Car makers. Something the UK did this with our fisheries decades ago. To those in control at Westminster a fair deal for every business or region is out of the question, only certain industries can be protected. Sadly Scotland will have no say as we wave cheerio to our resources.

This is why the UK’s decision to leave the EU and its philosophy to protect the few is more than enough to trigger another Scottish referendum (forgetting EVEL, Ships, Trident, Tax Offices and many other slaps in the face. Or the simple fact is that Scotland is a country in a union, and can decide to leave the union when its no longer in its interests!).  Scotland has a pretty vibrant and varied economy that is the perfect platform from which to grow a viable and prosperous nation. As such, where we stand now we would be the 12th Richest nation (£250 Billion GDP) in the EU with the 18th largest population (5.6 Million). In terms of prosperity, happiness, fairness and all things that measure quality of life we would be pretty high on the list.  We might not be the best but.. that’s where you aim. Yes, those that support the union will hit us with scare tactics based on #GERS, so lets be clear. This is based on figures provided by the UK Government to the Scottish Government and based on spending where the UK government directly spends a huge proportion of our money, a vast proportion not in Scotland.  It has been proven that if Scotland had always been an independent country we would not be saddled with debt chosen by the UK, it would have been in surplus to the tune of billions.

We can be a successful independent nation, David Cameron told us that in 2014. So the arguments about the economy and currency should take 2nd place. The simple fact is that Unionists want a detailed plan for iScotland so they can try to pick holes in it. So lets be clear, most of these decision will be for the 1st democratically elected government of Scotland after much consultation from government & economic advisors.  The problem is that 3 out of the 4 main parties are not interested in viewing the future, and that means they are so narrow minded that they wont consider what could be the best for Scotland. Lets face it, they consider Scotland’s only choice of prospering is remaining in a union that has robbed us and controlled our population for over 300 years.  As a person who wholly backs an independent Scotland I want to know what their plan B is in the event of an independent Scotland. If they don’t then they are basically causing their own extinction and handing the power of the first government to the SNP.  That’s not a healthy democracy, but they are probably doing it to maintain support from their SNP hating followers to prevent them from thinking what Scotland could be like after independence.

An independent Scotland will not be a socialist utopia such as Norway, however a vibrant and robust economy with low unemployment, one that pays fair wages and provides a safety net for those who need it is perfectly possible. That would keep our cost burden low enough to attract more business to come and invest here fuelling the cycle. Like all cycles it will have ups and downs but we will control it, we will make the decisions and we will be at the table when negotiating with the 27 other countries, ultimately we can protect our resources and say no if it is not in our interests. Scotland will make the choices and the people of Scotland will directly hold our government to account. Something we cant do just now. One thing for sure, we will no longer be going all in with the UK to get pocket money back. There will be no more, when the UK looses at the casino, because it chose the numbers, telling us we have to accept some of its losses.

After 2014 the UK had the chance to change it’s relationship with Scotland but it didn’t. It was a case of “well that over, business as usual”. By not addressing the cause of so much grievance they have brought us back to boiling point.

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