Slavery Can NEVER Be A Joke!

The recent “joke” comments made by Tory Lucy Frazer in her first speech to Parliament should be a point at which we stop and draw breath, take in what was said and pay attention to the fact that the comments made underline the true feeling of Westminster and the establishment towards the Scots.
Frazer during her speech claimed with pride that her constituency was where Oliver Cromwell was born and it was Cromwell who went on to beat the Scots army at Dunbar. What happened after was that the 1200 or so prisoners captured were sold into slavery. The clip is all over the internet but if you care to view it (which I urge you to do) you will hear a whole load of Tories laughing at the history lesson being given by their new colleague.
Was it not just last year we were begged to stay in the Union by a teary eyed Prime Minister, who told us that we were loved and valued as part of the Union? So what makes it ok now for a member of his party to stand up in the UK Parliament, the very one that we were begged to remain part of to hear jokes about selling the Scots into slavery. Is it the fact that we already are slaves to the union? In which case the jokes on us because we voted to stay in it. Was it just a joke? All be it in bad taste! Maybe, but underneath it there is clear evidence of what is in their psyche is that the Scots are 2nd class citizens in a union of supposed equals. There is an arrogance and whiff of superiority that emanates from a Tory mouth when they talk about Scotland, no matter what words they are saying is “Give us your oil and money, and get back in the shortbread tin”. Can you imagine the outcry if she had stood up and joked that a person in her constituency had gleefully committed atrocities in Kenya in the 50’s (Google Mau Mau uprising and see what the UK, supposed supporter of rights and equality did) or the millions that died of starvation in India, while we continued to export their stocks of rice back to the UK only to leave them with nothing? You would be witnessing the shortest Parliamentary career, but it was about the “Sweaty Socks” so that’s fine. I suspect that this being included in the speech was deliberately inserted to aggravate the SNP MP’s and provoke a reaction. They are not happy with Scotland. Not happy at all! We basically eradicated Scotland’s unionist mouthpieces in their parliament and they have to listen to what we think, as opposed to what the North British Labour gold diggers were saying, which was essentially what they told them to say!
If the UK parliament had any interest in Scotland it would treat us with a bit more respect and years ago it would have allowed its North British MP’s to report the news from the front line. These very same MP’s should also have stood up and reported that the news from North Britain was not good and the natives were restless. They did not, they chose to take more gold and say what they were supposed to say, blame the SNP Government and everything will go away, after all what would they do, the Scots don’t have the balls and Westminster control all the finances! Well ignoring it and failing to pass on the grievances of North Britainland has changed restlessness into a revolution that has not yet came to ahead!
The more they vilify us through the media, highlighting nasty tweets while ignoring their own equally or in many cases much more hate filled outbursts the stronger we will become. They will continue to blame us for anything that happens and widen the division even further. It’s as if they know the union is over and are just trying to screw every last penny from us until we wake up, just like a robber going through the pockets of an unconscious victim! It is not the odd’s that scare Scotland it is just that for some it’s not reached the point of motivation. We are generally a passive nation and soak up endless pokes with pointy sticks, but when we feel enough is enough I’d much rather be on our side than the unions!

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