Let The Jesters Eat Pot Noodles Scrounged From Foodbanks

Just to clarify, what you saw on TV was the “State opening of Parliament”, it is the UK equivalent of at home with the Kardashians, except it involves a larger cast of considerably richer people, who have impeccably bad taste in fancy dress. That pompous display aside. The fact that it took place underlines the problem with the UK. Parliament is supposed to be the place where the people elect their representatives to go and represent them by performing the act of governance. To have a peoples parliament opened by the Monarchy i.e. State means that basically under the current system everything we do in that building is aimed at one thing.. preservation of the Sate and the peoples Parliament can only exist with the blessing of the State.
So we saw the pictures of the Queen and other Royalty in her State Coach been carried to the House of Lords, where her gold thrown was waiting on her royal backside to wipe off the dust accumulated from last year. To open our parliament she gave a speech setting out what “her” Government plans to do in the coming year, devolution, snooping and spending cuts.. At this point if there was any emotion or care left in Elizabeth II E.R. she should have said “wait a minute, as the elected representatives on my Government I command that you find a solution to the current problems that do not involve my subjects being persecuted for being poor and dying due to poverty and hunger!” But Betty did not, because her sole concern is the preservation of the Sate i.e. her, her family and all those that were dressed in red velvet and sit in House of Lords. That is where the State and prevention of a true peoples government begin. That door that they guy whose job will be handed to Eddie Izzard when he retires, or stops wearing suspenders (whichever comes first). These entitled people on the bling side are either Chairmen or sit on the boards of just about every major corporation in the UK and if it is not a Lord you could bet your last Pot Noodle it will be a Sir, usually granted a Knighthood and Government contracts by Labour or the Tories for donating large amounts of cash to their parties. So not only do they keep us in poverty through the laws they allow the lower house to make, they also keep us in poverty through their positions of governance in large corporations.
I used to treat the Royal Family with indifference, when they came on the news it usually signalled time to turn over to the Simpsons as I’d rather watch something a bit more in tune with real life. If people wanted to keep them because it’s good for tourism fine, I’d question the economics but if they got a sense of purpose dressing up in Union Jack suits and waving flags to fill up their empty lives, let them have their fun. To me they always looked like court jesters that were never allowed into the court because they were a little to unhinged. Now I do think that the time has come to drag the UK (as it is now) into the 21st Century and make it a modern democracy. It’s time to write a constitution that ensures that the country is run by and for the common people, that the entitled cant rule over us both in the boardroom and the House of Lords and that the Monarchy, if it has to continue, it should remain as a tourist attraction so Lego Land in Windsor can extend, or those unhinged jesters who use the very cause of their woes as their escape from reality. The UK is in its death throes now and those entitled people will hang on for dear life. But should Scotland gain its independence before the common folk of England wake up, I would hope that having a modern social democratic country at the end of the M6, would spur them on to demand the same and maybe throw away those silly suits!

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