Bank Holidays, Lies & Spies

Well it was a bank holiday weekend and when it comes to bank holidays you can be guaranteed of two things.. A hangover and a conveniently timed report by the Government into an inquiry. (wow, they must be waiting for some huge national holiday before they release the Chilcot Inquiry!) Thankfully my hangover is dissipating quicker than Alistair Carmichael’s and for good reason, my hangover is the result of drinking too many Budwisers, his is for using his position as Scottish Secretary to try and undermine the support for the First Minister and her party.
Everyone by now is more than aware of the circumstances and what was thought to be said and that it could have been “lost in translation” . However no one is asking the questions that needs to be asked. No, not should he resign and stand again to be judged by his constituents, that’s a gimmie. I mean no one is asking why is the UK Government spying on the Scottish Government? Surely if they would like to see a briefing on any meeting that the Scottish Government has with representatives of sovereign nations, they should just ask the Scottish Government. Why do they feel they have to phone up a contact in the French diplomatic service to say
“ em, do you remember the meeting between Nicola and your ambassador?”
“ oui”
“Can you tell us what was said? Did she say anything nasty about us? What did they talk about in private?”
“Well, from what I can remember…”
The result of this informal chat between the UK Government and a French official was a report that had very little substance or information whatsoever. It contained lies and smacks of deliberate premeditation to manufacture the report in the first place. This is the work of an agenda of the British Establishment. That agenda is to undermine Scotland and smear Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP at every chance, even if it has to fabricate evidence and leave in get out clauses like “lost in translation”. I’m sure we are all certain that the conversations were carried out in English anyway. God forbid if MI6 meet the same UK Government standards, the truth could be more like North Korea and Iran are more likely to be developing plans to conquer the world through Solar Energy!
For me the more worrying thing is that it underlines just how the British Establishment views Scotland, Scotland is under the dominion of Westminster and it has no right to talk to anyone unless they control what is being said. Just like the jealous, controlling and possessive husband that asks his mate what his wife and him were just talking about. Scotland is not a partner in the union, it is a possession that has to be controlled, exploited and subjugated for the benefit of the stronger half. Maybe one day our other half will find a newer slimmer model and run away, but I’d prefer that we just have the courage to pack our bags and walk out. Spying on your partner is a sign that trust is irrevocably broken and if there is not trust there is no relationship!

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